Monday, October 29, 2007

Mac or bust

So I'm really bored and sick and tired of doing homework so I'll just write some random things.
1. I love Las Vegas and wish I worked there in some capacity on the weekends.
2. I'm secretly a black person inside.
3. Give me some easy cheese and a Mt. Dew and I'm all set.
4. I'm my biggest fan
5. I have the hots for a special girl. (and one of my teachers)
6. I want a Mac book for christmas and I'll to do anything to get it.

Okay, that's all. Oh, here's a helpful tip. If you're ever having a conversation really close to a person, and they wipe their face off while you're talking, it probably means you spit on them. You should just stop and say, "did I just spit on you?" It really makes the situation a lot funnier and less embarassing. Believe me.

America's Most smartest plant nerd

This is the beginning....
I'm random so I think this is going to be funny. Not right now, but eventually.
I have to run now, I'm going on a boring Vegetation field trip with a teacher that my girlfriend has the hots for. It's all good.