Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh Vacation

Besides not being able to go to Florida or Maine this year, this has been a great Vacation so far....and it's not over yet. We've been playing with friends almost everyday and it's been great. Not to mention we got our grades back from this semester and even though this has been my hardest semester ever, I got the best GPA I've ever gotten in a single semester. So that made things even better. Tonight, we're having a New Years Eve Party, and I'm happy. The end

PS: Alabama plays on friday!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wake Up!!

So on friday I decided to go get Jess a Christmas present. I thought I had everything I needed when i left the house, but I forgot one crucial thing....keys to the car. I literally took 2 steps after I shut the door (locked door) before I realized this. So I thought, no big deal, I did have my phone with me. So I called Jess...and called Jess....and called Jess (who was in bed when I left).
So I knocked on the door and knocked on the door and called and called...
So I pounded on the door, and pounded, and called and called...
Soooo, I decided to walk all the way to school, in the freezing cold snow to check my email and give Jess some time to maybe wake up. An hour later, after more calling, I walked home. (Calling the entire way back home) Then i got to the door and called and called and called.
So, I walked around the side of the house, jumped up and banged on the glass. A minute later, Jess emerged...and opened the door. 40 missed calls on her phone. 40.
It had been on silent the whole time. Anyways, it set me back a hour and a half but I finally got out to get her present. Lesson learned, don't die while jess is sleeping b/c she will not wake up and find you in time. :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Snow

First off, on my LittleBigPlanet game, I just got 1st place in the world on one of the levels...yes, I am amazing. But that's besides the point. I just wanted to write and say that I'm sick of teachers who are not very good, and who don't know how to teach. I feel that I should teach a class to teachers on how to teach from a students point of view. Some of my teachers are just horrible. It's so frustrating, but if you wanted to complain it's like, "oh, they have the phD, so they must be right." WRONG. So annoying.
Besides that, I have a presentation tomorrow and then 2 more finals, then I am done for the semester and it's time for a break. I can't wait. That's all

Monday, December 8, 2008

We lost. blurrgg!!

It was a good run....but we lost the SEC championship game. It was sad too, because it actually felt like we were winning for most of the game. (we actually were winning at the start of the 4th quarter). If you saw the game, you know how good it was. It's already being called the best SEC Championship ever. Both teams played amazingly well. There were no turnovers at all (Until the last minute, but that was only b/c JP got desperate and was trying for anything). So it really was fun to watch. Of course it didn't end the way we had hoped but what can you do.
Nowwww, we get to play Utah in the Sugar Bowl. Who would have thought...we actually would have played BYU if they had gone undefeated. But now we have to deal with Utah. I really want it to be a blow out, but I guess that's not what Alabama is known for. The sad thing is I saw an article that says it's a lose-lose situation for us. If we beat Utah, big deal, it's Utah. If we lose, our extraordinary season becomes a disastrous season. It should be a fun game and we should win. So now we just have to wait forever till they play. Also, I hope Florida wins too. They are definitely good enough to...well, stupid Tebow is anyways.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Contest

If you'll remember from last year, our school newspaper had this christmas contest where you had to answer an easy question found in the paper and then turn it in for prizes. Well, it's started again, and I'm even more determined to win. Everyday, 10 people win 50 dollar visa cards. At the end of the 7 days, they have grand prize winners and if you turn in an answer everyday, then your name goes in the drawing 7 times. Sooo, I'll keep you updated. Hopefully I win one of the grand prizes (especially the $500 gift card)....but I'll gladly take one of the daily prizes.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Whoa football

I'm still in Maine!!!!!..and i love it. But, we have to go home today. Sadly, I'll miss the Alabama-Auburn game. It's disappointing, but if we win I guess it won't matter. Anyways, now what this is really about. I was just reading about the non-BCS teams, and thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could become one of those BCS busting believers...but then I looked at their schedules. Seriously, you've got to be kidding me. Have you really looked at Ball state and Boise states schedules? I just did for the first time and it's a joke. You might laugh out loud actually. I can't believe it's possible, but yes, the schedules are worse than the MWC team schedules. Not that I think Utah had that hard of a road, but they did have to play TCU. And, BYU could have given them trouble. So anyways, non-BCS teams really need to stop talking so much b/c they just don't play any good teams. No really, go look, it's disgusting. Okay, the end. Maine is fun. I hate plane rides. The end.

PS: they don't even give you snacks on the planes anymore. They try to get you to buy pringles. Good grief.

PPS: I love bacon...which we had for breakfast. mmm

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A tale of no defense

Well well well, it's annoying, yet surprisingly refreshing that it took an entire season to prove once and for all that BYU is not that great at all. Nobody around here believes me. Now that we have the entire season to look at, it all becomes clear. (not to me, I already knew this stuff) So tell me, what game this season was really impressive? And please, don't bring up UCLA, we already know how they turned out. Also, isn't it funny to think about the Washington game now? Back then it seemed like such a dramatic win against a tough PAC 10 team. Now, they are officially the worst team in the country. They lost their last game today to finish off a perfect season...of not winning a single game. Their one shining moment?....when the almost beat the #15 BYU. How embarrassing! Face it, the only 2 teams that were really all that good were TCU and Utah, and BYU was blown away in both of those games. Again, please don't give me the whole "we beat ourselves" excuse again. I already heard that after the TCU game. Good teams cause turnovers. So in conclusion, it's disgustingly obvious that BYU was extremely overrated all year long, and it took an entire season to prove it. The conference is awful. The quest is over. Good luck in San Diego....maybe.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bored at work

No, I'm not being a slacker...I'm doing nitrogen fixation tests and each sample takes 4 minutes to run through the I have time in between each sample. Basically it looks like I'm doing nothing, b/c using a syringe, i suck up air from a capsule (it's really not just air but lets keep it simple here), and then I push the air from the syringe into this fancy machine that burns it up and tells me how much fixation is going on. See, soils labs are interesting... :) kind of.
I really don't have anything that interesting to say, but I was tired of seeing my last blog on here so i just needed something new. Thanksgiving is coming up and It will be a welcomed relief. Although, I'll probably be writing papers on the airplane ride to Maine and back. Anyways, that's all for now. The end

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More lists

8 Shows I watch
1. The Office
2. Seinfeld
3. Family Guy
4. Judge Judy
5. Friends
6. Flavor of love girls: Charm School
7. 30 Rock
8. True Life

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Red Robin
2. Red Lobster
3. Brick Oven
4. Costa Vida
5. Wendys
6. Taco Bell
7. La Bamba
8. Captain D's

8 Things that Happened Yesterday
1. I got a 100% on my forestry quiz
2. I played LittleBIGPlanet
3. Jess and I hit 6 months
4. BYU newspaper headline "Cougs, Rams lock horns in Ft. Collins"...think about it.
5. Work work work
6. One day closer to Thanksgiving
7. Played with Jay-Z
8. Had fun being with Jess

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Being with Jess and the family in Maine
2. Watching Judge Judy more often
3. Online LittleBIGPlanet to stop being slow
4. Eventual Graduation
5. The end of this semester...I have so many hard classes.
6. Delicious dinners with friends.
7. The Bama-LSU game on Saturday
8. Being done with all of my research paperSSSSS this semester.

8 Things on My Wish List
1. A love seat that doesn't sink in everytime you sit on it.
2. See two things live: Serena williams play tennis and be in Judge Judy's courtroom
3. Be on a reality show with Jess
4. Have a really good president....(not applicable this go around)
5. Make straight A's (Never applicable..hahaha)
6. Alabama in the BCS title game
7. Get a good job after college
8. Eventually get a dog. A dalmation would be nice.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I'm taking a break from work and I'm bored. Then again, working with soil isn't the most exciting thing to do anyways, but I like the people I work with so that makes it nice. School is becoming more and more annoying this semester with an endless amount of homework, tests, and papers. I really just can't wait till Thanksgiving so we can have a relaxing and fun trip. Until then, things that make me happy:

Watching Alabama games
Doritos with sour cream
Red Robin
Funny T.V. Shows (I can't say TTYN to him...)
Awkward work parties
Having people do my bidding (muah ha ha)
Judge Judy
Movies (especially scary ones.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So although this semester has been insanely hard [and still is], Jess and I have done really well so far. Surprisingly well actually. Here is the funny thing. On every single test Jess and I have taken (4 total), Jess has scored exactly 2 points higher than me...exactly. (Excluding the Forestry i.d. quiz...I'm pretty good at naming plants). It proves what I've been saying though...Jess is smart. How crazy is it that on all 4 tests we've been separated by 2 points?? I think she's paying off the teachers.

Also, today we had our second forestry quiz where we have to i.d. a bunch of new plants. We had to id 30 plants this time with 2 extra credit plants. The 2nd extra credit was just the fruit of a tree, one that I had never seen before. But even standing a little ways from it, i could smell it. It smelled awful, and I instantly remembered that Ginkgo biloba fruits smell gross. So I put that as my answer and it turned out to be correct. So a group of us were talking afterwards about the plants on the quiz and we mentioned how the last extra credit was Ginkgo. Jess said, Awwww I got that one wrong. I said, (and so did others), "I only knew it b/c of the smell" Instantly Jess says "I can't smell!!!" We all felt soooo bad. So, we talked to the teacher for her and got him to give her a different extra credit plant especially for her. (which she got right) Then we were all happy. The end.
Also, I rocked that quiz.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The end of BYU football... [blogs]

For all of you who love BYU's football team, you no longer have to worry if I'll be writing another biased, mean spirited blog about them this year. Nope, Since they embarrassed themselves last week, I don't have to (and won't) mention them again. But, everyone knows I'm a big mouth, so let me just say this... It's amusing how all year long I've had to hear this nonsense talk of bowl games and just who BYU could beat. Obviously I go to BYU so I've had to hear it at school and read it in the school newspaper too. Countless discussions (arguments, haha) were had going on and on about how good BYU is and how this is the year of the quest. There were even "what if" discussions about them being in the National Championship game! Eccckkkk. Now that they've lost, it seems everyone is back peddling. For 6 weeks all I heard was how great they were. Remember Max Hall's quotes from a few weeks ago? Nooowww, he's saying "well, we need to find out who we are" and "we weren't prepared."....Really? Utah State didn't prepare you? Duhhh. Of course not, that's what I've been saying this ENTIRE time. So, for everyone who thought I was soooo wrong, and who loved to debate this issue, just remember that I called it back in August. The End. Don't.Get.Mad. :)

Also, I loved using the blow darts and the pole syringe...animal shanking at it's finest.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I told you so...

Recently, I found out what I've been saying for a long time......M. Night Shalamalanahan is a horrible director. Jess and I rented his newest disaster, The Happening. I can't even begin to tell you how horrible this movie was. So so so so so awful. Since the Sixth's been a downhill slope. Someone needs to shake him or something. He needs to let someone else write a script for him and then direct that. He is such a terrible storyteller.
Unbreakable, Signs, The Village, Lady in the Water..(ekkk), stinkers. I knew this new one would be bad but I just had to see it. Never again. The End..

PS: Looks like Ron Minsky was not so crazy after all, was he....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Rent Baby's funny

That's really all I had to say.

I'll bide my time.....

Ha ha ha

Monday, October 6, 2008

Football letter

Check out this letter to the editor from today's BYU newspaper. This guy has some interesting views on football. It's the first letter on the page.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Black hole

I've been sitting around most of the day and I keep blogging randomly, so make sure to look at the 2 posts below this one in case you missed them. Anyways, today I just randomly thought I would look up a blog that Bj might make. (just to see if he had one) So I typed in and it popped up. The background is all black and there are no posts, no friends, no links, nothing to it. Just a title: "Live by honor, kill by stealth." I recognized that as a quote from a video game so I thought, I guess Bj does have a blog. Then, when I asked him about it, he was really confused. He said he's never had a blog and has no idea how it got there. It says that person has been on blogger since June 2004. Sooo, does anyone have the answer to this mystery? Where did this blog come from? All signs point to bj- the black color, the quote, his vegafoo name- but he doesn't have a clue. Check it out...

Uh oh...

I've just been reading old comments on some of my posts and I think I've stumbled upon something. Maybe this is a premonition or something or maybe it's just superstition. Most importantly, it's a possible warning. (was all that vague enough?) Anyways, this is for you Ryan.
Yes, this is about football, but no, it has nothing to do with who's better than who or who could beat who or blah blah on and on. BUT, i was reading some of your comments and these were some of your predictions/what if's:

Tennessee would beat Florida- False
Georgia would lose to Arizona St.- False
TCU would beat Oklahoma- False
Bama would lose to Arkansas- False
BYU will beat TCU- ???

Uh oh... I think you might have unknowingly jinxed your team!!!! :) If we've learned anything from the Bad News Braves, it's that you can't jinx your team!!
Okay, who really knows, I just thought it was funny. I mean, you were kind of right about 2 other things:
Georgia would choke up- may end up being true...they could still redeem themselves.
Auburn being overrated- again, maybe true. But they lost to LSU and Vandy..both very good.
Anyways, I hope this was enjoyable to read. All in fun.

Good movie of the week

"Wait Until Dark"
It's from the 60's starring Audrey Hepburn...did I spell that right? Girls everywhere are screaming if I got it wrong. Anyways, It's a cool movie about this blind lady and some bad guys. She somehow ends up with this doll in her house that is filled with drugs. (She doesn't know about the drugs) The bad guys want the doll, they try to trick her into giving it to get the picture. The end is cool. Okay, new blog done.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

We're # 2, we're #2

Hahaha, okay, that doesn't sound as good as number 1, but that's okay. After crushing Georgia, we are looking good. Now we just have to keep from bumbling things. I say give Nick Saban more money. Hahaha. Just kidding. Okay, that's all for now. Whoo hooooo.
Roll Tide

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've been tagged

8 Things I am Passionate About:
1: Jess...duh, who isn't now a days.
2: Food
3. Las Vegas
4. Alabama football
5. Kathy Griffin comedy
6. Playstation3
7. Plants
8. Fun
8 Words or Phrases I Say Often:
1: And let me just say this...
2: Dit over here
3: It don't matta
4. Good grief
5: Bonehead
6: I'm hungry
7: Let's play a dame (some of these are with Jackson's voice)
8: I love you too
8 Things I want to do before I Die:
1: Win the lottery
2: Go to Australia
3: Meet a famous black singer...check
4: Play tennis with Serena
5: Have my own reality show
....i don't know any more...I'm hungry.
8 Things I Have Learned From my Past:
1: I am really really funny
2: Be a good person and people will be good to you.
3: Obama, Obama, Obama
4: Don't open the door for a stranger at 4 in the morning
5: Let the dog out at night or he'll poop on the floor.
6: Las Vegas is fun...with the right people.
7. Sometimes people really ARE that dumb.
8. Grandparents are the best
8 Places I Would Love to Go or See:
1: Dothan, AL
2: Italy
3: Maine
4: The colosseum...although I think they should tear it down and build a pizza hut.
5: Wimbledon
6: Florida
7: Washington
8: The beach
8 Things I Currently Need or Want:
1: Contacts
2: Food
3: To see a scary movie
4: School to be over with
5: A break
6: Fun
7: Alabama to beat Georgia
8: Food....yes, again.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ha ha ha. Well, well, well. Once again, Alabama rolled to another win....easily. While some may have doubted how good this team is, I still stand behind the tide. Our defense is phenomenal- at one point holding the line at the 1 yard line, 1st and goal, all 4 tries. I think they could give any offense in the nation a tough time. Let me guess, Arkansas is just terrible huh? No, we just made them look that way. Ha ha ha. Next up: Georgia....this could be tricky...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

This will be good...

Note about this blog: If it offends you at all, then that means it's true. If it doesn't offend you, then it's still true. Ha ha ha.
I just have to make a few small comments about girls and football. Actually, let's just say it like it is: girls just don't understand most anything about it at all. I have to say it kind of annoys me. They understand cheering and yelling, clapping and screaming, but the game...not so much. Here are a few observations. They may not all apply, but more than a few will, "gerontdeed." <---hahahaha (inside joke)

Girls don't understand:
-Why teams don't go for 2 points after every touchdown.
-Why players go in motion before the snap
-Why quarterbacks don't just throw the ball everytime to get down the field.
--or, why teams run at all. ("b/c it's just soooo slow")<---actual quote.
-Why teams don't just go for it on every 4th down.
-Why you don't blitz everytime.
-What "strength of schedule" means at all.
-What exactly the BCS is, or means.
Ha ha ha. Anyways, I'm funny, get over it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's that smell?

WARNING: this story is not for the faint of heart....well, not really, but you'll see what i mean.

So I'm back working in the soils lab for me. <---sarcasm. No, I really like the people I work with, and I like my boss, so it's not so bad. Today, I was talking to a co-worker and I noticed a single, what i thought was soil, sample in one of our small plastic bags. It was really dark and....moist. Anyways, I said, "what is that?" My coworker answered, "it's poop". Now, last year we had to do some samples on chicken poop, which smelled awful and nobody wanted to touch, so him telling me it was poop wasn't all that surprising. I walked over to it and lifted up the bag to look at it and I said, "oh, chicken poop again?" (See where I'm going with this...yeah.) He replied, "No,....human poop".
Those of you who know me can imagine the hilarious events that followed. My reaction was much like Elaine's, from Seinfeld, when she realizes that George had taken that book to the bathroom with him. I immediately dropped the bag, raised my hands over my head and said, "okay people, coming through, move out of my way , code red code red" Then I raaaaan over to the sink and began washing my hands. It was so disgusting. Apparently we are doing some tests on poop from the provo water cleaning place. Everyone was laughing at me and I was just making these faces. My friend said, "yeah, you better wash your hands if you ever have to do any of the tests on this." Seriously, i was holding poop. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Ahh yes...Serena won the U.S. Open last night, without dropping a set the entire tournament. Annnd, after 5 years, she's back to the number 1 ranking in the world again. That's 9 grand slam titles, more than any other active player. Now we just need Roger to win and then it will have been a perfect 2 weeks. Ughh...time for school.

UPDATE::::: Roger Federer won too, his 13th major overall...this is why i watch obsessively for 2 weeks straight: to see serena and roger win. Perfect.
Also, Alabama is now ranked #11 in the country. Can't complain about that.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rain Rain

So the U.S. Open got rained out today, but at least Roger Federer made it to the finals before the rain started. Serena is in the finals too, and that has been pushed back till tomorrow night. I can't wait. ahhh
Also, Alabama won their second game, so things are looking good.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sports update

True to form, Serena and Venus have been spectacular during the U.S. Open. So unfortunately, due to a terrible draw, Venus and Serena will have to play wednesday night in the U.S. Open quarterfinals. They are the only players left in the draw who have even won a grand slam event before, not to mention they are playing better than any other player in the tournament. It's awful that one of them has to lose this early when they've been dominating everyone else thus far. Hopefully it should be a good match, with Serena coming off as the winner. It would be much better to see them play in the finals, but oh well.

Also....Alabama is now ranked #13...whooo

Thursday, August 28, 2008

U.S. Open

Well, it's time for the last grand slam event of the year...The U.S. Open. So, I'll of course be watching every minute of tennis I can. Actually, I'll only be watching my favorites, but some might say even that is too much. It don't matta. If all is right with the world, Serena will win...obviously she is the best. Jackson always agrees with me. (I've trained him well) I don't even have to mention tennis, i just say, "Jackson, who's gonna win?" Instantly, or by tempting him with some kind of treat, he'll reply, "Saweena". So remember, instead of watching something boring, like, I don't know...BYU football or something, watch the U.S. Open.

Friday, August 15, 2008

IMAX bumble

Thursday night, on a whim, Jess, Jeff, Darci, Matty, Ben, Diana, and myself decided to go to the IMAX to see Batman. We drove up to Sandy in 2 cars and got to the kiosk machines. Since it was a thursday, there were plenty of seats available (it's all reserved seating). I said, the best seats are at the top center. Surprisingly enough, all the top seats were open. I was like, awesome. <---from family guy. Anyways, I said, "yeah, let's get those next to each other" So jeff and darci picked seats A19 and A20 and jess and I picked A21 and 22. A few minutes later, the others showed up and we told them to go buy their seats. Tuurrrnsss out, we had accidentaly picked front row seats. Apparently the top of the kiosk screen is the very front of the theater.......yeah. So then we had to try and space out the others so we could all fit in between them. We went into the theater and began the awkward waiting stage. Everytime people came up the stairs we were like, "oh great, these are their seats". It was so nerve wracking and put us on edge. Ha ha ha. Luckily, nobody came to the seats we were in. So we were able to enjoy the wonderfully violent, disturbing, and funny joker without a bother. :) The end.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Why so serious...?

So everyone knows I love movies, especially thrillers and scary movies. I usually don't like the big blockbuster action types, b/c they are usually well, awful...Bad acting, corny dialogue, plotholes, non-sensical stories, zero character development-I could go on and on. BUT, you have got to go and see Batman: the dark knight. It is sooo good, which is surprising b/c everybody I've talked to has like it. And, everyone keeps talking about how good heath ledger is as the joker....let me tell you, they are all right. This movie is great. Usually, everyone loves these blockbusters and they are truly awful movies. Here are a few offenders and some (only some, i could go on and on about them) of their problems....brace yourselves:
#1 Pirates of the Carribean- Plot holes beyond plot holes...terrible. Just try and defend it without using the name Johnny Depp in the sentence.
#2 Spiderman- Unrealistic character actions
#3 The new Star Wars movies- Have you listened to the dialogue? yuck. aaand star wipe!
#4 Transformers-So long and boring. Who is going to win a fight between a truck and a plane? Oh wait, I meant to say who cares?
#5 Fantastic 4- Starring Jessica Alba...need I say more?
There are more examples but these are some of the worst. Now, some might say, "well at least I'm being entertained" No no no, don't cheat yourselves people. That just devalues everything in life. It's like going to a restaurant and eating disgusting, awful food and then saying, "well at least I got to eat" Just wouldn't happen, you would never go again. So be happy that Batman is out, and go see it, b/c it really is a quality movie. The end.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a trip

Las Vegas was so much fun. Here's a few more pictures from the trip. Let me just say this, Kathy Griffin was hilarious...not just kind of funny, but really funny. Like, I think i peed a little bit just watching her. It made the trip worth it on it's own. But then again, meeting John Wayne again didn't hurt either.
Not Serena Williams
The Bellagio
Inside the Wynn
The Wynn- where we had dinner one night

Friday, July 18, 2008

ChaCha Las Vegas!

Well, we're leaving today for Las Vegas....we are so excited it's sickening. We'll be staying at a nice hotel, and tonight, we'll be watching our favorite comedian, Kathy Griffin. (Also, I'll be quizing everyone on their plants on the way down) muah ha ha.
Also, yay for Ryan getting the job...we all thought you would. And last but not least, everyone needs to check out ChaCha! Jeff and Darci showed it to me the other day. Basically you can ask ANY question you want to know, and text it to chacha (242242). A real person will answer you back pretty quickly. Here are a few examples of things I asked that they answered...I was trying to test them:
-How old is Judge Judy?
-Who is a better tennis player: Serena or Venus?
-What color hair does Lindsay Lohan have right now?
-What years did Bobby Mikel play for Alabama football?
They answered all of those questions correctly. I literally use it all day long now. You can find out's amazing. Anyways, time to pack b/c we're leaving in an hour or so. Byyyyeee

Sunday, June 29, 2008

"What...exactly is wrong with macy gray?"

So for anyone who hasn't heard yet, we're going to see our favorite comedian, Kathy Griffin, in Las Vegas! I have all her DVD's and she just makes us laugh. So, we're going in a few weeks with some of our best friends. We'll being staying at the Golden Nugget hotel, which is a pretty nice place. To say we're excited is an understatement. If you don't know exactly who Kathy is, it's okay, since she's on the self-prolcaimed D-list. She used to be on the show Suddenly Susan, and she was also on several episodes of Seinfeld. Besides that, she's been doing stand up forever, and she has her own reality show on Bravo. Sooooo, we can't wait!!! The end.
PS: I get to work around Provo this week which means I get to come home every night. But, Jess will be gone till wednesday. :(

"Not Kathy Lee Gifford"

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Payback's a....I mean, I love my sister.

WNBA star in the making.

"I just think that they don't have books in the Iraq..and such as.."

This picture didn't come out as good as I had hoped, but notice the giant perm gone bad.

So yes, don't mess with me....the end.
Much love. :)

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I love Jess

This is the typical grocery shopping trip for Jess and I. We went to the store with a $25 gift card and ended up spending 27 on random things...mostly snacks. (What can we say, we're fat on the inside). Anyways, among the things we bought were a 12 pack of Mt. Dew and a 12 pack of Dr. P. On the way out of the store, we saw this stand of a new flavor of mountain dew. We were both like, Whooaaaa!!! Then, we saw 2 other new flavors. So yes, this story doesn't have much of a twist...we ended up going back and buying a 12 pack of all 3 of those flavors. So we left the store with five 12 packs of drinks. ha ha ha (add jacksons laugh). Yeah, we're ridiculous.
PS: My hair is cool. The end..

PPS: No mom, it's not black.

Friday, May 23, 2008


This week at work was crazy and long. Let me paint a picture..let me lower the bar: it started off with me being in the truck with a guy who had B.O. on the first morning, before we had even driven down to southern Utah. This wasn't just any ordinary B.O...this was B.B.O, it was beyond B.O. It was alive and crawling around the truck. The kind that's pungent, stings the nostrils. It was terrible. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't sleep, I just had to sit there the entire 4 hours down with it. Plus, he was in our truck for the next 2 days also and it smelled even worse then. So that was the first half of the week. Then, we decided to go up to a site that was high up in the mountains on the day that it was supposed to storm. So we go up this dirt road with a big sign that says "don't drive when wet". That should have been a good enough warning. Anyways, it started to storm when we were up there..but not just storm....SNOW. Yes, it started snowing. And I only had shorts and a hoodie on. Everyone always yells at me to wear more clothes but I just can't make myself. I just think it should be warm so i wear clothes like it is. We were all dying. I couln't move my hands, I could barely think or use the scanning machines. It was like a blizzard. We got so wet and cold that we took the rest of the day off. And it was a nightmare getting back down the mountain. Then, I was cold and wet the next 2 days. Fun... Anyways, I'm just happy to be home for a long weekend. The End.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Job

Last week was my first week back to work. We're working in the southern region of the state which is beautiful. Unlike what most of you might think, it was very cold. We are staying in trailors this year and just my luck, my trailor has no heat or Also, the toilets are gross, but that's another story. It has been no fun being away from home all week, but work is good. When i came home this weekend, Jess surprised me with the table we wanted from target. Our apartment looks great, and we really really want to stay after the summer. It's classy. So tomorrow, it's back to work...I'm not excited but I'm making good money. I can make it another week, then we have a long weekend. That's all for now.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

California...(said in a way from the movie "The Wizard" which only BJ will get)

Jess had to come to the library here in town to finish up some Forest Service paperwork so here I am on the computer. We got married!!! aaaahhhh. Thanks to everyone again. California is beautiful but expensive. We're having a blast. Our place is amazing and very very classy. Can't wait to see everyone again, but that means that work is getting closer and closer. Blaaahhhh. Okay, we love y'all. See you soon...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

People are weird

So I was sitting on a bench on campus, minding my own business, feeding some birds and eating a hotdog...(yum), when these 2 annoying blond girls started walking my way. They were laughing and being obnoxious before they even got near me. Right when they were next to me, one of them jumped at me and grabbed for my hotdog. Being a ninja and smarter than any blond girl I know (joke, but I'm annoyed), I quickly closed the foil around the hot dog and gave her a look like, what in the world??!! They just laughed and kept walking. One of them looked back and I was still giving them a strange glare. The one who had tried to take it goes, "can't I have a bite"? Really sarcastic. I said, "no, I don't know what diseases you might have....and I don't want the clap" Ha Ha Ha. She gave me this, "I can't believe you just said that!" look, to which i gave her the, "oh you better believe I just did" look back. It was soooo strange. People are bizarre. Moral of the story: don't mess with me when I'm eating.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bird Field Trip

So this story has to do with my trip down to the St. George area for our ornithology field trip. On the way back to provo we stopped at a fast food place for lunch. I went across the street to the gas station to get some candy and decided to use the restroom before we took off again. So right as i was about to go into the bathroom this guy came out and I caught a little bit of him telling the attendant, "there's something wrong with the toilet". As I walked into the bathroom I saw a disgusting scene. The bathroom was gross and the toilet was clogged with tons of paper and....other stuff. (use your imagination....really). Just then, the old, nasty gas station attendant came into the bathroom with me. He said, "looks like there's a problem here". At this point I'm thinking, do I stay, do I go? So I just stay. There I am, standing in the bathroom with this old guy as he's plunging away. The disgusting toilet water was sloshing all over the place. He tried to flush the toilet but nothing went down, so he started plunging again. By this point I was looking into the mirror just did I get myself into this? Why am i still in this bathroom alone with this guy as he's plunging this toilet? Then I thought, should I sneak out? I decided that would be the best option, so I quietly snuck out as he continued to mess with the vile toilet. Then I just ran away back across the street. Awkward!!!! The end.

Friday, April 4, 2008


Okay, it's only been a few minutes and he's already denying it! He says that the internet is serious business and "you can't just post whatever you want". Ha Ha Ha...This is like that Seinfeld episode where everything Jerry says, Sally puts it in her act. Anyways, Let me clarify...this stalking that I did on bj took place over months and months. It wasn't just a little game either. There were times when I would run across campus trying to get around to a different place so he wouldn't see me. Twice I went the back way, all the way around the brick oven so I could sneak up on him. And I failed time and time again. I tried everything but he's a wily minx, very hard to catch....BUT then, one day, I ran across the grass by the testing center (notice how detailed this is...that means it's true) I ran on the grass so he wouldn't hear, then while he was walking down the ramp, I got him. So yes, I did succeed. That's straight truth son! Everyone should agree with me.

Ninja Skills

I just want everyone to know that I am ready for hire as a professional ninja....or stalker, whatever you want to call it. I'm always sneaking up on Jess around campus and It's actually a fun game for me. I started training a year or two ago when I would stalk bj in the afternoons. We used to get out of class at the exact same time, so we would be heading home around the same time too. Everyday I would hide in different buildings or sneak around different paths, just trying to sneak up behind him. I failed many many times except for this one time (which he will still deny) where I had to start running on the grass so he wouldn't hear me. That's when I finally became a true stalker. I'm actually really good at it. So there you have it. The end

Favorite thing right now: Kathy Griffins Allegedly DVD <----my favorite comic

Monday, March 24, 2008


The other day at work I needed to fill up a bottle of HCL. To do this, you have to unstop this rubber tube that's attached to the large bottle of HCL and then let it fill up, and the re-stop the tube. Well, In the past, the liquid flowed a lot slower so I thought I could walk over to another counter and continue with the calcium carbonate test I had been working on. No more than 20 seconds later I hear a co worker say, uhhhh.....josh!? The bottle was already overflowing all over the counter. It was a mess and to be honest, I just started laughing. I felt kind of bad, and then I had to clean it up, and it started making the paper towels hot and I was like, um, should i be touching this...and blah blah blah. I felt kind of stupid but I'm good at laughing at myself. They're lucky to have me working there, don't you think? :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I don't have anything funny to say but I needed a new post. I remembered something though. When Jackson and I were trying on tuxedos a few weeks ago, jackson said something soooo funny. I went into the dressing room and then him and sarah went into the next one. Right when the door shut he says (really loudly so everybody could hear him), "am I gonna look classy mommy?" We all started laughing. That's all. Oh, and earlier jess posted something about me being a genius b/c i got a 99 on our last plant test....yeah, i got a good grade (i do consider myself a semi-plant nerd) but, she got an A on the last 2 tests too, so don't let her try and trick you. The end.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Random Vegas Thoughts

I'm always telling people how much I love Las Vegas and how I always want to go. So I thought I'd list some reasons why.
1. If with the right people (including by yourself...I've tried it), the drive down can be very fun.
2. St. George is beautiful and I love stopping at the narrows everytime. I think of it as my own secret place now, so I always stop to check out the view.
3. If you ride with me, you get to ID and learn plants the entire way down. :)
4. The strip has sooo much going on alllll the time. Some people think of all the "bad" things that go on there, but actually, it's a pretty family friendly place.. Depending on where you go.
5. All of the casinos are so much fun. I've been in almost all of them and I love it. The shopping is cool, but even just walking around the stores is enjoyable.
6. There are several roller coasters in many of the casinos. The nascar ride is one of the best. The stratosphere is fun, but the million hours it takes to get up there is NOT.
7. The shows. Magic shows, comedy shows, music shows...they are the best.
8. Toni Braxton...yes, she gets her own number.
9. The lights at night and the awesome water fountain show.
10.The food. Not that it's all that special...but I love no list is complete without it.

So there are definately more reasons than this why I love Las Vegas, but this gives you a good idea. I'm sure you all want to go now as you see how amazing the 5 1/2 hour trip away can be. And if you have been and you didn't like it...that's probably b/c I wasn't there or just b/c you are boring. The end. :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Birds on the brain

Today after plant classification, I had to stay in the Bean Museum to study the birds. We had our first bird practical today in Ornithology so I needed to do some serious studying. To my surprise, I got a call from Sarah saying that they were in the Museum too. So I went upstairs and there they were. That was fun...Jackson and Sunny were adorable. Jackson wanted to go look at something in another part of the museum and sarah said, go ahead. He put his hands up and said, "who will doh with me?" It was sooo funny and cute. I said, "i'll doh". Ha Ha Ha. Anyways, that's all
Feedback, Feedback, oh, Feedback, Feedback, oh.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Leave Britney Alone!!

Anytime I'm told to write something new on my blog, I always think of that YouTube video where the kid is sobbing uncontrollably about leaving britney alone. It makes me laugh so much when I see that video. If you've seen it you'll remember classic lines such as, "why do you think her song is called gimme more? b/c all you people want is more more more, Leave her alone!!" hahaha. that's not a really interesting post but it just made me laugh. All you people want is more more more. hahaha, see i just thought of it again.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Work Party

Last night, Jess and I went to my work party at my bosses house in Lehi. I work with a lot of funny people, so we had a fun time. Even though it was a week late, it was actually a Valentines day party, so that was the theme. I made a delicious caesar salad, even though I only made enough for like 5 people, when there were almost 15 there. haha. We had lasagna to eat which was really good. Then we all had to go around the room and introduce ourselves and say how we met our dates/significant others. This one girl from the lab had brought this obnoxious friend of hers as a date. He was one of those guys that dresses a little too fancy, with the designer jeans and the newest phone. Also he just got some part in New York for a traveling Hairspray broadway play.....yeah. He was annoying from the beginning. Well, we had to say what our favorite scar was (weird I know), and when it got to his turn this is what he said, "my favorite scar?..i guess it has to be when I was a baby and I was circumsised" Who says that???? Everyone was just like, what in the world?! You could tell my boss was annoyed with him and didn't find him funny. None of us did. They left pretty much right after that without saying why. Strange people. Anyways, then we played valentines day pictionary and made poems out of those little candy hearts. Our poem was the funniest, obviously. At the end of the night we had the awards ceremony and Jess and I won the "Pictionary of Love" award for having the best pictures in the game. We had fun even though it lasted 3 hours. Oh, another funny moment was when we were all describing what we did on Valentines day and one girl said that when she and her husband got home from dinner that day, she had a Victoria Secret surprise for him. You should have seen his face. He was sooo embarrassed and we were laughing our heads off. Ha Ha Ha

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Scary movies and fried chicken

I was bored so I thought I'd write a few random things.
First off, I forgot how much I love KFC hot wings. They are delicious and I think I'm going to get more today. No, i'm positive I am. I have this weird obsession with food. It's kind of bad. I'll think about something I want to eat, and literally obsess about eating it all day. I just love food.
Second of all, I love scary movies. We just watched Secret Window this weekend and it was actually pretty good. Not terribly scary, but still good.
Lastly, we're going to a RAC meeting tonight for our wildlife law that should be exciting. haha. See how concerned with the environment we are? :) Anyways, time to go get some last minute studying in....we have a test in that class today. aahhhh

Did i mention I want some chicken...?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The black death...

Well I haven't written for a while b/c i've been slowly dying over the weekend. I woke up saturday morning and felt awful. Chills/sweats, cough, headache, stuffy nose, aches/pains...the whole works. Couldn't leave the house for 2 days. Now I'm just stuffed up but feeling better. Anyways, here's a little thought for everyone to enjoy. If you share a home with someone else, and you walk into your usually disgusting kitchen, and it's magically clean, all the dishes are washed and put away, the dishwasher is empty, the counters are wiped off, the garbage (3 bags) is taken out, and it's clear that someone else did all of these things.....and you have the audacity to put new dirty dishes in the sink!!!.....then in the words of the always crazy tom cruise...You are a jerk. You're a jerk. That's a nicer word than i would usually use but that's what you are. Face it, live with it, accept it, deal with it. If you can actually be the first to dirty up a kitchen after someone else cleaned it (not the magical cleaning fairy as some might think), then you are a jerk. ahhhh roommates. But anyways, I was just mad a couple days ago b/c of this situation. I'm over it now b/c our kitchen is gross again. Then again, i've contaminated every surface in the house now so maybe that makes up for it. Okay, time to study..

Friday, February 1, 2008

It's snowing

Yeah, it's really coming down and I totally slipped in front of everyone i work with. Very embarassing. Today during work we went to get van certified so we can drive BYU vans. It was boring but we got paid to do it. I don't really have much to talk about but everyone wants a new blog. Well...this is what you get when you rush talent. Ooooohhhhh, except. Did you know that some stores won't sell you clothes off the....wait how do you spell this. manachins? manacins? whatever, they won't sell you the clothes off those fake people things even if it's the last one of the size you want. That makes a lot of sense doesn't it? Anyways, that's all.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's for the birds

So the Australian open is actually has 1 day left but with all my favorites out, it's over for me. Such a shame.. Anyways, Last night we saw the movie Cloverfield. Don't waste your time seeing it, but if you find yourself in some kind of drunken stupor and you accidentaly stumble into the theater, bring your dizzy medication b/c it will make you want to throw up. In better news, I am amazing at Mario Tennis and Jess has actually been the perfect doubles partner. We always dominate every game...but then again, I never lose anything I compete in. Some people say I'm overly competitive but oh well. Why play anything if there isn't a winner? That's my motto. In even bigger, better news...our engagement pictures are online and they are sooooo cool. I love almost every single one. Jess looks like a model in them. (Give me three quick poses...mean....mean....mean) haha. Anyways, we're excited to see them finally. Lastly, I've really been enjoying some of my classes this semester. My plant classification class is great, and it's nice to have already taken plant id. Our class meets in the Bean Museum so it's fun to be in the building of death a couple times a week. (it's the building with all the stuffed animals, including the new, controversial African White Rhino.) I also have really liked my Ornithology class. Every week we go out birding for our field trips and just identify birds. I'm pretty good at naming most ducks and hawks now. We even saw a bald eagle last thursday. Lastly lastly, I really like my job working in the soils lab. I'm a pro at soil textures and the calcium carbonate test. Plus, we got to plant a whole bunch of bottlebrush seeds for a masters project yesterday. And, I get to work with fire. Okay, done nerding out for now. The end.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bad 48 hours

So both of my William sisters are out of the Open...which is...disturbing. Do not bring it up...Thankfully, Roger is still going strong. In other news, I sat on my phone and broke the screen..sooo, I'm back to using my original phone from 2 years ago. Yes, I sat on my phone. Also, I'm addicted to gushers. That's all.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Serena Slam

I'm sooo excited because it's the start of a new year which means that the tennis season is starting again. This also means that I'll be a recluse for the next two weeks. :) As most of you know, I am a huuuugggee fan of Serena Williams and to a slightly lesser extent, Venus. I try to watch every single match they play and I'm rooting for them the entire time. I tell everyone they can be in the room and watch with me but they can't talk to loudly. Also, It is a rule that you are not allowed to say anything rude about either of them at all...I'm very serious about that. B.J. doesn't listen to that, but he's the only one who can say things. He secretly loves them anyways. Also, I'll be supporting my man crush, Roger Federer. Hahaha. He's amazing and will break all kinds of records this year. These people were in our apartment tonight and they were like, why do you like tennis so much? I thought, aren't you passionate about anything in this life? I mean come on, get serious, Mario Kart, easy cheese...what else can you ask for? So anyways, I'm happy that school is going okay, work is good, and tennis is on.
On a random note, I really wish I had money for a Las Vegas trip b/c I want to go again...Maybe I'll put the picture from last August when I went to the show on here.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Cash Equivalencies

Here's the thing. B.J. wanted The Simpsons Movie for christmas which would be around 20 dollars. I wanted a cd which would only be around 10. Therefore, I decided that we should buy the present we wanted ourselves to save the trouble of bringing them across the country. But, I feel I should be given the extra 10 dollars that my present didn't cost...that is, the cash difference. It's only fair in my mind. This was a funny discussion we had for a long time while driving around Florida with Jess. B.J. said, "What Did you get me as a present Jess?" She said, "You got to enjoy my presence for this whole day. " He responded, "I'm going to need the cash equivalency" Ha.....Ha......Ha.. That was just a random story I thought I would share. Bottom Line: I am funny. :)

Bow Chicka wah wah!!

Bj and I will be accepting apologies over bacon and eggs in the morning. We're still welcoming members to our side. That is all.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Love the South

I'm back in Utah...I had a great time in Alabama, just the break I needed. I got to eat home cooked delicious meals the entire time from 2 of the best cooks I know. Plus, I got to eat at checkers. My flights going to Dothan were terrible. My layover in Atlanta was over 5 hours. I walked that airport over and over again. I would ride the tram all the way from the first concourse to the end. Then, I would walk the entire way back....and I did this over and over. But, I made it to Dothan and it was nice and warm. (relatively speaking) We played games (bravo to Mok for being the apples to apples champ), snuck around the farmhouses at Landmark Park, watched movies, had plenty of late night snacks. I can't count the number of pieces of chocolate pie and banana pudding I ate.
We had such a fun time visiting with the Morgans and going to Aunt Cathy's house. Blakes kids are adorable. (Hayden and swiper are precious) We played and played and played. My flights back were pretty good- considering I've been on planes with people throwing up next to me and the always memorable drunken cowboy. Yes, fun for me. Now I'm back and it's time for school to start. Blah!
Oh, I love all the cheeses I got for christmas. It sounds weird but I have a food obsession and cheese is at the top of that list.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Ha...ha...ha (add Jacksons funny laugh). Well, well, well. I haven't written in a long time and I have a lot to write about since I've been down South. I've had sooo much fun with everybody, but you know me, I have to write about football. The title says it all...and exactly what I've been saying for years now. Last night we watched the Georgia Bulldogs of the ever amazing SEC completely and totally crush Hawaii and it's "Heisman worthy" quarterback. I don't know who played worse, the entire team or him. The announcers said it all night long, Georgia is just on a completely different level than Hawaii. For all of you who still are crazy enough to believe that any team from a pathetic conference like the WAC of MW could beat a team from the SEC, this is your wake up call. We always say, "well we'll just never know" b/c they never play. Now we see the kinds of things that happen. I quoted a stat a couple months ago that said Hawaii had the worst strength of you see what they were talking about now?? Does their 12th seed make sense? This amazing undefeated season seems a little questionable now when you go back and look at who they have been playing. This amazing quarterback who holds so many records looked like a high school player who was in over his head. (Side note: when he was finally taken out of the game the team started doing better) So please, don't embarass yourselves anymore. When your team is in a less than spectacular conference, just accept it, and enjoy any wins you get. But don't equate your wins with any national talent, b/c like colt brennan, you'll just be made to look like a fool. :)
Favorite quote of the night: when the crowd started to chant "overrated" and the announcers said, "now is that necessary?" hahaha
Anyways, I can't believe my trip will be over tomorrow. I'll write all about it so you won't have to read my football rants anymore. Then again, tennis is coming up and I always have something to say about that.