Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's for the birds

So the Australian open is actually has 1 day left but with all my favorites out, it's over for me. Such a shame.. Anyways, Last night we saw the movie Cloverfield. Don't waste your time seeing it, but if you find yourself in some kind of drunken stupor and you accidentaly stumble into the theater, bring your dizzy medication b/c it will make you want to throw up. In better news, I am amazing at Mario Tennis and Jess has actually been the perfect doubles partner. We always dominate every game...but then again, I never lose anything I compete in. Some people say I'm overly competitive but oh well. Why play anything if there isn't a winner? That's my motto. In even bigger, better news...our engagement pictures are online and they are sooooo cool. I love almost every single one. Jess looks like a model in them. (Give me three quick poses...mean....mean....mean) haha. Anyways, we're excited to see them finally. Lastly, I've really been enjoying some of my classes this semester. My plant classification class is great, and it's nice to have already taken plant id. Our class meets in the Bean Museum so it's fun to be in the building of death a couple times a week. (it's the building with all the stuffed animals, including the new, controversial African White Rhino.) I also have really liked my Ornithology class. Every week we go out birding for our field trips and just identify birds. I'm pretty good at naming most ducks and hawks now. We even saw a bald eagle last thursday. Lastly lastly, I really like my job working in the soils lab. I'm a pro at soil textures and the calcium carbonate test. Plus, we got to plant a whole bunch of bottlebrush seeds for a masters project yesterday. And, I get to work with fire. Okay, done nerding out for now. The end.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bad 48 hours

So both of my William sisters are out of the Open...which is...disturbing. Do not bring it up...Thankfully, Roger is still going strong. In other news, I sat on my phone and broke the screen..sooo, I'm back to using my original phone from 2 years ago. Yes, I sat on my phone. Also, I'm addicted to gushers. That's all.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Serena Slam

I'm sooo excited because it's the start of a new year which means that the tennis season is starting again. This also means that I'll be a recluse for the next two weeks. :) As most of you know, I am a huuuugggee fan of Serena Williams and to a slightly lesser extent, Venus. I try to watch every single match they play and I'm rooting for them the entire time. I tell everyone they can be in the room and watch with me but they can't talk to loudly. Also, It is a rule that you are not allowed to say anything rude about either of them at all...I'm very serious about that. B.J. doesn't listen to that, but he's the only one who can say things. He secretly loves them anyways. Also, I'll be supporting my man crush, Roger Federer. Hahaha. He's amazing and will break all kinds of records this year. These people were in our apartment tonight and they were like, why do you like tennis so much? I thought, aren't you passionate about anything in this life? I mean come on, get serious, Mario Kart, easy cheese...what else can you ask for? So anyways, I'm happy that school is going okay, work is good, and tennis is on.
On a random note, I really wish I had money for a Las Vegas trip b/c I want to go again...Maybe I'll put the picture from last August when I went to the show on here.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Cash Equivalencies

Here's the thing. B.J. wanted The Simpsons Movie for christmas which would be around 20 dollars. I wanted a cd which would only be around 10. Therefore, I decided that we should buy the present we wanted ourselves to save the trouble of bringing them across the country. But, I feel I should be given the extra 10 dollars that my present didn't cost...that is, the cash difference. It's only fair in my mind. This was a funny discussion we had for a long time while driving around Florida with Jess. B.J. said, "What Did you get me as a present Jess?" She said, "You got to enjoy my presence for this whole day. " He responded, "I'm going to need the cash equivalency" Ha.....Ha......Ha.. That was just a random story I thought I would share. Bottom Line: I am funny. :)

Bow Chicka wah wah!!

Bj and I will be accepting apologies over bacon and eggs in the morning. We're still welcoming members to our side. That is all.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I Love the South

I'm back in Utah...I had a great time in Alabama, just the break I needed. I got to eat home cooked delicious meals the entire time from 2 of the best cooks I know. Plus, I got to eat at checkers. My flights going to Dothan were terrible. My layover in Atlanta was over 5 hours. I walked that airport over and over again. I would ride the tram all the way from the first concourse to the end. Then, I would walk the entire way back....and I did this over and over. But, I made it to Dothan and it was nice and warm. (relatively speaking) We played games (bravo to Mok for being the apples to apples champ), snuck around the farmhouses at Landmark Park, watched movies, had plenty of late night snacks. I can't count the number of pieces of chocolate pie and banana pudding I ate.
We had such a fun time visiting with the Morgans and going to Aunt Cathy's house. Blakes kids are adorable. (Hayden and swiper are precious) We played and played and played. My flights back were pretty good- considering I've been on planes with people throwing up next to me and the always memorable drunken cowboy. Yes, fun for me. Now I'm back and it's time for school to start. Blah!
Oh, I love all the cheeses I got for christmas. It sounds weird but I have a food obsession and cheese is at the top of that list.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Ha...ha...ha (add Jacksons funny laugh). Well, well, well. I haven't written in a long time and I have a lot to write about since I've been down South. I've had sooo much fun with everybody, but you know me, I have to write about football. The title says it all...and exactly what I've been saying for years now. Last night we watched the Georgia Bulldogs of the ever amazing SEC completely and totally crush Hawaii and it's "Heisman worthy" quarterback. I don't know who played worse, the entire team or him. The announcers said it all night long, Georgia is just on a completely different level than Hawaii. For all of you who still are crazy enough to believe that any team from a pathetic conference like the WAC of MW could beat a team from the SEC, this is your wake up call. We always say, "well we'll just never know" b/c they never play. Now we see the kinds of things that happen. I quoted a stat a couple months ago that said Hawaii had the worst strength of you see what they were talking about now?? Does their 12th seed make sense? This amazing undefeated season seems a little questionable now when you go back and look at who they have been playing. This amazing quarterback who holds so many records looked like a high school player who was in over his head. (Side note: when he was finally taken out of the game the team started doing better) So please, don't embarass yourselves anymore. When your team is in a less than spectacular conference, just accept it, and enjoy any wins you get. But don't equate your wins with any national talent, b/c like colt brennan, you'll just be made to look like a fool. :)
Favorite quote of the night: when the crowd started to chant "overrated" and the announcers said, "now is that necessary?" hahaha
Anyways, I can't believe my trip will be over tomorrow. I'll write all about it so you won't have to read my football rants anymore. Then again, tennis is coming up and I always have something to say about that.