Saturday, February 23, 2008

Work Party

Last night, Jess and I went to my work party at my bosses house in Lehi. I work with a lot of funny people, so we had a fun time. Even though it was a week late, it was actually a Valentines day party, so that was the theme. I made a delicious caesar salad, even though I only made enough for like 5 people, when there were almost 15 there. haha. We had lasagna to eat which was really good. Then we all had to go around the room and introduce ourselves and say how we met our dates/significant others. This one girl from the lab had brought this obnoxious friend of hers as a date. He was one of those guys that dresses a little too fancy, with the designer jeans and the newest phone. Also he just got some part in New York for a traveling Hairspray broadway play.....yeah. He was annoying from the beginning. Well, we had to say what our favorite scar was (weird I know), and when it got to his turn this is what he said, "my favorite scar?..i guess it has to be when I was a baby and I was circumsised" Who says that???? Everyone was just like, what in the world?! You could tell my boss was annoyed with him and didn't find him funny. None of us did. They left pretty much right after that without saying why. Strange people. Anyways, then we played valentines day pictionary and made poems out of those little candy hearts. Our poem was the funniest, obviously. At the end of the night we had the awards ceremony and Jess and I won the "Pictionary of Love" award for having the best pictures in the game. We had fun even though it lasted 3 hours. Oh, another funny moment was when we were all describing what we did on Valentines day and one girl said that when she and her husband got home from dinner that day, she had a Victoria Secret surprise for him. You should have seen his face. He was sooo embarrassed and we were laughing our heads off. Ha Ha Ha

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Scary movies and fried chicken

I was bored so I thought I'd write a few random things.
First off, I forgot how much I love KFC hot wings. They are delicious and I think I'm going to get more today. No, i'm positive I am. I have this weird obsession with food. It's kind of bad. I'll think about something I want to eat, and literally obsess about eating it all day. I just love food.
Second of all, I love scary movies. We just watched Secret Window this weekend and it was actually pretty good. Not terribly scary, but still good.
Lastly, we're going to a RAC meeting tonight for our wildlife law that should be exciting. haha. See how concerned with the environment we are? :) Anyways, time to go get some last minute studying in....we have a test in that class today. aahhhh

Did i mention I want some chicken...?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The black death...

Well I haven't written for a while b/c i've been slowly dying over the weekend. I woke up saturday morning and felt awful. Chills/sweats, cough, headache, stuffy nose, aches/pains...the whole works. Couldn't leave the house for 2 days. Now I'm just stuffed up but feeling better. Anyways, here's a little thought for everyone to enjoy. If you share a home with someone else, and you walk into your usually disgusting kitchen, and it's magically clean, all the dishes are washed and put away, the dishwasher is empty, the counters are wiped off, the garbage (3 bags) is taken out, and it's clear that someone else did all of these things.....and you have the audacity to put new dirty dishes in the sink!!!.....then in the words of the always crazy tom cruise...You are a jerk. You're a jerk. That's a nicer word than i would usually use but that's what you are. Face it, live with it, accept it, deal with it. If you can actually be the first to dirty up a kitchen after someone else cleaned it (not the magical cleaning fairy as some might think), then you are a jerk. ahhhh roommates. But anyways, I was just mad a couple days ago b/c of this situation. I'm over it now b/c our kitchen is gross again. Then again, i've contaminated every surface in the house now so maybe that makes up for it. Okay, time to study..

Friday, February 1, 2008

It's snowing

Yeah, it's really coming down and I totally slipped in front of everyone i work with. Very embarassing. Today during work we went to get van certified so we can drive BYU vans. It was boring but we got paid to do it. I don't really have much to talk about but everyone wants a new blog. Well...this is what you get when you rush talent. Ooooohhhhh, except. Did you know that some stores won't sell you clothes off the....wait how do you spell this. manachins? manacins? whatever, they won't sell you the clothes off those fake people things even if it's the last one of the size you want. That makes a lot of sense doesn't it? Anyways, that's all.