Monday, March 24, 2008


The other day at work I needed to fill up a bottle of HCL. To do this, you have to unstop this rubber tube that's attached to the large bottle of HCL and then let it fill up, and the re-stop the tube. Well, In the past, the liquid flowed a lot slower so I thought I could walk over to another counter and continue with the calcium carbonate test I had been working on. No more than 20 seconds later I hear a co worker say, uhhhh.....josh!? The bottle was already overflowing all over the counter. It was a mess and to be honest, I just started laughing. I felt kind of bad, and then I had to clean it up, and it started making the paper towels hot and I was like, um, should i be touching this...and blah blah blah. I felt kind of stupid but I'm good at laughing at myself. They're lucky to have me working there, don't you think? :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I don't have anything funny to say but I needed a new post. I remembered something though. When Jackson and I were trying on tuxedos a few weeks ago, jackson said something soooo funny. I went into the dressing room and then him and sarah went into the next one. Right when the door shut he says (really loudly so everybody could hear him), "am I gonna look classy mommy?" We all started laughing. That's all. Oh, and earlier jess posted something about me being a genius b/c i got a 99 on our last plant test....yeah, i got a good grade (i do consider myself a semi-plant nerd) but, she got an A on the last 2 tests too, so don't let her try and trick you. The end.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Random Vegas Thoughts

I'm always telling people how much I love Las Vegas and how I always want to go. So I thought I'd list some reasons why.
1. If with the right people (including by yourself...I've tried it), the drive down can be very fun.
2. St. George is beautiful and I love stopping at the narrows everytime. I think of it as my own secret place now, so I always stop to check out the view.
3. If you ride with me, you get to ID and learn plants the entire way down. :)
4. The strip has sooo much going on alllll the time. Some people think of all the "bad" things that go on there, but actually, it's a pretty family friendly place.. Depending on where you go.
5. All of the casinos are so much fun. I've been in almost all of them and I love it. The shopping is cool, but even just walking around the stores is enjoyable.
6. There are several roller coasters in many of the casinos. The nascar ride is one of the best. The stratosphere is fun, but the million hours it takes to get up there is NOT.
7. The shows. Magic shows, comedy shows, music shows...they are the best.
8. Toni Braxton...yes, she gets her own number.
9. The lights at night and the awesome water fountain show.
10.The food. Not that it's all that special...but I love no list is complete without it.

So there are definately more reasons than this why I love Las Vegas, but this gives you a good idea. I'm sure you all want to go now as you see how amazing the 5 1/2 hour trip away can be. And if you have been and you didn't like it...that's probably b/c I wasn't there or just b/c you are boring. The end. :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Birds on the brain

Today after plant classification, I had to stay in the Bean Museum to study the birds. We had our first bird practical today in Ornithology so I needed to do some serious studying. To my surprise, I got a call from Sarah saying that they were in the Museum too. So I went upstairs and there they were. That was fun...Jackson and Sunny were adorable. Jackson wanted to go look at something in another part of the museum and sarah said, go ahead. He put his hands up and said, "who will doh with me?" It was sooo funny and cute. I said, "i'll doh". Ha Ha Ha. Anyways, that's all
Feedback, Feedback, oh, Feedback, Feedback, oh.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Leave Britney Alone!!

Anytime I'm told to write something new on my blog, I always think of that YouTube video where the kid is sobbing uncontrollably about leaving britney alone. It makes me laugh so much when I see that video. If you've seen it you'll remember classic lines such as, "why do you think her song is called gimme more? b/c all you people want is more more more, Leave her alone!!" hahaha. that's not a really interesting post but it just made me laugh. All you people want is more more more. hahaha, see i just thought of it again.