Sunday, September 28, 2008

We're # 2, we're #2

Hahaha, okay, that doesn't sound as good as number 1, but that's okay. After crushing Georgia, we are looking good. Now we just have to keep from bumbling things. I say give Nick Saban more money. Hahaha. Just kidding. Okay, that's all for now. Whoo hooooo.
Roll Tide

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've been tagged

8 Things I am Passionate About:
1: Jess...duh, who isn't now a days.
2: Food
3. Las Vegas
4. Alabama football
5. Kathy Griffin comedy
6. Playstation3
7. Plants
8. Fun
8 Words or Phrases I Say Often:
1: And let me just say this...
2: Dit over here
3: It don't matta
4. Good grief
5: Bonehead
6: I'm hungry
7: Let's play a dame (some of these are with Jackson's voice)
8: I love you too
8 Things I want to do before I Die:
1: Win the lottery
2: Go to Australia
3: Meet a famous black singer...check
4: Play tennis with Serena
5: Have my own reality show
....i don't know any more...I'm hungry.
8 Things I Have Learned From my Past:
1: I am really really funny
2: Be a good person and people will be good to you.
3: Obama, Obama, Obama
4: Don't open the door for a stranger at 4 in the morning
5: Let the dog out at night or he'll poop on the floor.
6: Las Vegas is fun...with the right people.
7. Sometimes people really ARE that dumb.
8. Grandparents are the best
8 Places I Would Love to Go or See:
1: Dothan, AL
2: Italy
3: Maine
4: The colosseum...although I think they should tear it down and build a pizza hut.
5: Wimbledon
6: Florida
7: Washington
8: The beach
8 Things I Currently Need or Want:
1: Contacts
2: Food
3: To see a scary movie
4: School to be over with
5: A break
6: Fun
7: Alabama to beat Georgia
8: Food....yes, again.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Ha ha ha. Well, well, well. Once again, Alabama rolled to another win....easily. While some may have doubted how good this team is, I still stand behind the tide. Our defense is phenomenal- at one point holding the line at the 1 yard line, 1st and goal, all 4 tries. I think they could give any offense in the nation a tough time. Let me guess, Arkansas is just terrible huh? No, we just made them look that way. Ha ha ha. Next up: Georgia....this could be tricky...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

This will be good...

Note about this blog: If it offends you at all, then that means it's true. If it doesn't offend you, then it's still true. Ha ha ha.
I just have to make a few small comments about girls and football. Actually, let's just say it like it is: girls just don't understand most anything about it at all. I have to say it kind of annoys me. They understand cheering and yelling, clapping and screaming, but the game...not so much. Here are a few observations. They may not all apply, but more than a few will, "gerontdeed." <---hahahaha (inside joke)

Girls don't understand:
-Why teams don't go for 2 points after every touchdown.
-Why players go in motion before the snap
-Why quarterbacks don't just throw the ball everytime to get down the field.
--or, why teams run at all. ("b/c it's just soooo slow")<---actual quote.
-Why teams don't just go for it on every 4th down.
-Why you don't blitz everytime.
-What "strength of schedule" means at all.
-What exactly the BCS is, or means.
Ha ha ha. Anyways, I'm funny, get over it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

What's that smell?

WARNING: this story is not for the faint of heart....well, not really, but you'll see what i mean.

So I'm back working in the soils lab for me. <---sarcasm. No, I really like the people I work with, and I like my boss, so it's not so bad. Today, I was talking to a co-worker and I noticed a single, what i thought was soil, sample in one of our small plastic bags. It was really dark and....moist. Anyways, I said, "what is that?" My coworker answered, "it's poop". Now, last year we had to do some samples on chicken poop, which smelled awful and nobody wanted to touch, so him telling me it was poop wasn't all that surprising. I walked over to it and lifted up the bag to look at it and I said, "oh, chicken poop again?" (See where I'm going with this...yeah.) He replied, "No,....human poop".
Those of you who know me can imagine the hilarious events that followed. My reaction was much like Elaine's, from Seinfeld, when she realizes that George had taken that book to the bathroom with him. I immediately dropped the bag, raised my hands over my head and said, "okay people, coming through, move out of my way , code red code red" Then I raaaaan over to the sink and began washing my hands. It was so disgusting. Apparently we are doing some tests on poop from the provo water cleaning place. Everyone was laughing at me and I was just making these faces. My friend said, "yeah, you better wash your hands if you ever have to do any of the tests on this." Seriously, i was holding poop. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Ahh yes...Serena won the U.S. Open last night, without dropping a set the entire tournament. Annnd, after 5 years, she's back to the number 1 ranking in the world again. That's 9 grand slam titles, more than any other active player. Now we just need Roger to win and then it will have been a perfect 2 weeks. Ughh...time for school.

UPDATE::::: Roger Federer won too, his 13th major overall...this is why i watch obsessively for 2 weeks straight: to see serena and roger win. Perfect.
Also, Alabama is now ranked #11 in the country. Can't complain about that.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rain Rain

So the U.S. Open got rained out today, but at least Roger Federer made it to the finals before the rain started. Serena is in the finals too, and that has been pushed back till tomorrow night. I can't wait. ahhh
Also, Alabama won their second game, so things are looking good.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sports update

True to form, Serena and Venus have been spectacular during the U.S. Open. So unfortunately, due to a terrible draw, Venus and Serena will have to play wednesday night in the U.S. Open quarterfinals. They are the only players left in the draw who have even won a grand slam event before, not to mention they are playing better than any other player in the tournament. It's awful that one of them has to lose this early when they've been dominating everyone else thus far. Hopefully it should be a good match, with Serena coming off as the winner. It would be much better to see them play in the finals, but oh well.

Also....Alabama is now ranked #13...whooo