Saturday, November 29, 2008

Whoa football

I'm still in Maine!!!!!..and i love it. But, we have to go home today. Sadly, I'll miss the Alabama-Auburn game. It's disappointing, but if we win I guess it won't matter. Anyways, now what this is really about. I was just reading about the non-BCS teams, and thinking that maybe, just maybe, I could become one of those BCS busting believers...but then I looked at their schedules. Seriously, you've got to be kidding me. Have you really looked at Ball state and Boise states schedules? I just did for the first time and it's a joke. You might laugh out loud actually. I can't believe it's possible, but yes, the schedules are worse than the MWC team schedules. Not that I think Utah had that hard of a road, but they did have to play TCU. And, BYU could have given them trouble. So anyways, non-BCS teams really need to stop talking so much b/c they just don't play any good teams. No really, go look, it's disgusting. Okay, the end. Maine is fun. I hate plane rides. The end.

PS: they don't even give you snacks on the planes anymore. They try to get you to buy pringles. Good grief.

PPS: I love bacon...which we had for breakfast. mmm

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A tale of no defense

Well well well, it's annoying, yet surprisingly refreshing that it took an entire season to prove once and for all that BYU is not that great at all. Nobody around here believes me. Now that we have the entire season to look at, it all becomes clear. (not to me, I already knew this stuff) So tell me, what game this season was really impressive? And please, don't bring up UCLA, we already know how they turned out. Also, isn't it funny to think about the Washington game now? Back then it seemed like such a dramatic win against a tough PAC 10 team. Now, they are officially the worst team in the country. They lost their last game today to finish off a perfect season...of not winning a single game. Their one shining moment?....when the almost beat the #15 BYU. How embarrassing! Face it, the only 2 teams that were really all that good were TCU and Utah, and BYU was blown away in both of those games. Again, please don't give me the whole "we beat ourselves" excuse again. I already heard that after the TCU game. Good teams cause turnovers. So in conclusion, it's disgustingly obvious that BYU was extremely overrated all year long, and it took an entire season to prove it. The conference is awful. The quest is over. Good luck in San Diego....maybe.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bored at work

No, I'm not being a slacker...I'm doing nitrogen fixation tests and each sample takes 4 minutes to run through the I have time in between each sample. Basically it looks like I'm doing nothing, b/c using a syringe, i suck up air from a capsule (it's really not just air but lets keep it simple here), and then I push the air from the syringe into this fancy machine that burns it up and tells me how much fixation is going on. See, soils labs are interesting... :) kind of.
I really don't have anything that interesting to say, but I was tired of seeing my last blog on here so i just needed something new. Thanksgiving is coming up and It will be a welcomed relief. Although, I'll probably be writing papers on the airplane ride to Maine and back. Anyways, that's all for now. The end

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More lists

8 Shows I watch
1. The Office
2. Seinfeld
3. Family Guy
4. Judge Judy
5. Friends
6. Flavor of love girls: Charm School
7. 30 Rock
8. True Life

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Red Robin
2. Red Lobster
3. Brick Oven
4. Costa Vida
5. Wendys
6. Taco Bell
7. La Bamba
8. Captain D's

8 Things that Happened Yesterday
1. I got a 100% on my forestry quiz
2. I played LittleBIGPlanet
3. Jess and I hit 6 months
4. BYU newspaper headline "Cougs, Rams lock horns in Ft. Collins"...think about it.
5. Work work work
6. One day closer to Thanksgiving
7. Played with Jay-Z
8. Had fun being with Jess

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To
1. Being with Jess and the family in Maine
2. Watching Judge Judy more often
3. Online LittleBIGPlanet to stop being slow
4. Eventual Graduation
5. The end of this semester...I have so many hard classes.
6. Delicious dinners with friends.
7. The Bama-LSU game on Saturday
8. Being done with all of my research paperSSSSS this semester.

8 Things on My Wish List
1. A love seat that doesn't sink in everytime you sit on it.
2. See two things live: Serena williams play tennis and be in Judge Judy's courtroom
3. Be on a reality show with Jess
4. Have a really good president....(not applicable this go around)
5. Make straight A's (Never applicable..hahaha)
6. Alabama in the BCS title game
7. Get a good job after college
8. Eventually get a dog. A dalmation would be nice.