Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh Vacation

Besides not being able to go to Florida or Maine this year, this has been a great Vacation so far....and it's not over yet. We've been playing with friends almost everyday and it's been great. Not to mention we got our grades back from this semester and even though this has been my hardest semester ever, I got the best GPA I've ever gotten in a single semester. So that made things even better. Tonight, we're having a New Years Eve Party, and I'm happy. The end

PS: Alabama plays on friday!!!!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wake Up!!

So on friday I decided to go get Jess a Christmas present. I thought I had everything I needed when i left the house, but I forgot one crucial thing....keys to the car. I literally took 2 steps after I shut the door (locked door) before I realized this. So I thought, no big deal, I did have my phone with me. So I called Jess...and called Jess....and called Jess (who was in bed when I left).
So I knocked on the door and knocked on the door and called and called...
So I pounded on the door, and pounded, and called and called...
Soooo, I decided to walk all the way to school, in the freezing cold snow to check my email and give Jess some time to maybe wake up. An hour later, after more calling, I walked home. (Calling the entire way back home) Then i got to the door and called and called and called.
So, I walked around the side of the house, jumped up and banged on the glass. A minute later, Jess emerged...and opened the door. 40 missed calls on her phone. 40.
It had been on silent the whole time. Anyways, it set me back a hour and a half but I finally got out to get her present. Lesson learned, don't die while jess is sleeping b/c she will not wake up and find you in time. :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Snow

First off, on my LittleBigPlanet game, I just got 1st place in the world on one of the levels...yes, I am amazing. But that's besides the point. I just wanted to write and say that I'm sick of teachers who are not very good, and who don't know how to teach. I feel that I should teach a class to teachers on how to teach from a students point of view. Some of my teachers are just horrible. It's so frustrating, but if you wanted to complain it's like, "oh, they have the phD, so they must be right." WRONG. So annoying.
Besides that, I have a presentation tomorrow and then 2 more finals, then I am done for the semester and it's time for a break. I can't wait. That's all

Monday, December 8, 2008

We lost. blurrgg!!

It was a good run....but we lost the SEC championship game. It was sad too, because it actually felt like we were winning for most of the game. (we actually were winning at the start of the 4th quarter). If you saw the game, you know how good it was. It's already being called the best SEC Championship ever. Both teams played amazingly well. There were no turnovers at all (Until the last minute, but that was only b/c JP got desperate and was trying for anything). So it really was fun to watch. Of course it didn't end the way we had hoped but what can you do.
Nowwww, we get to play Utah in the Sugar Bowl. Who would have thought...we actually would have played BYU if they had gone undefeated. But now we have to deal with Utah. I really want it to be a blow out, but I guess that's not what Alabama is known for. The sad thing is I saw an article that says it's a lose-lose situation for us. If we beat Utah, big deal, it's Utah. If we lose, our extraordinary season becomes a disastrous season. It should be a fun game and we should win. So now we just have to wait forever till they play. Also, I hope Florida wins too. They are definitely good enough to...well, stupid Tebow is anyways.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Contest

If you'll remember from last year, our school newspaper had this christmas contest where you had to answer an easy question found in the paper and then turn it in for prizes. Well, it's started again, and I'm even more determined to win. Everyday, 10 people win 50 dollar visa cards. At the end of the 7 days, they have grand prize winners and if you turn in an answer everyday, then your name goes in the drawing 7 times. Sooo, I'll keep you updated. Hopefully I win one of the grand prizes (especially the $500 gift card)....but I'll gladly take one of the daily prizes.