Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just an observation...

Lately I've seen a lot of blogs complaining about the weather and how they wish it were spring. Plus, many of my friends and class mates have been saying similar things. Does anyone else realize it's been one of the warmest February's in Utah's history? Notice how all the snow has pretty much melted and it's been shorts weather the past week? Now I know it's supposed to snow tonight but good grief....just an observation.
The end.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Job Opportunities

I've realized that most of the T.V. I watch reflects dream jobs I would actually really like to have. Here are a few examples of things I love to watch on T.V.

I love Money 2---> Actually this could apply to any reality tv show. I have always wanted to be on a reality show and sometimes think of my life as if I'm on tv. I'm just that funny. Although Mok would agree that a reality show of mom and dad moving across the country would be better. I'd be a side character and then break out as the star and get my own show.

Judge Judy---> You might think I'd say judge or, I just want to work on the, producing, camera man...whatever. Either that or I just need to start suing people more often.

Tennis---> I really wish I was a talented superstar at tennis. I'd make tons of money having fun, plus, I'd be friends with Serena

Snapped---> This is a "wife snaps and kills husband" courtroom/reality show. Does that make sense? Anyways, I've seen almost every single episode and I love it. I always think I would love being a Crime Scene Investigator, or a detective of some sort. I love watching them find out the clues that lead to the murder. Very interesting to me.

30 Rock---> I always wanted to work on a tv show. Either acting in one, or behind the scenes. I just think it looks like fun.

The end

In actual job news, I did get a new summer job. I'll be working for one of my professors and his grad student. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be doing, but it will be similar to my range crew job the past two summers. The cool thing is they asked me to be a supervisor b/c of my plant id skills/work experience...I must be doing something right around here.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Go Green

Click here to find out the newest way to go won't be disappointed.

PS: This blog was made long before Jess said she was going to make her blog today. And furthermore, this IS a real way to go green. So there

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Jeff and Darci...

Thank you for introducing me to Noodles and Company's Macaroni and Cheese with Chicken. I am addicted and that is a good thing.

Monday, February 9, 2009

People these days...

So in my "Living with Plants" class (not nearly as fun as it might sound), our teacher requires us to meet with an assigned study group three times a semester (once before each test). We get points for meeting with the group for a specific time, studying our notes, and then emailing our TA and letting him know what we did. Side note: assigned group studying???? What are we, 5?. It's quite ridiculous. Anyways, last week I finally decided to email the two girls in my group. I've never met them and I only know their names and emails because they have been provided on the class website. I emailed both of them and said how i was sorry i had waited this long to get a hold of them (even though I'm not really sorry, they didn't try to get a hold of me), and I told them how we needed to get together before mondays class review (that's today). And I told them what times I could meet, where I could meet etc... No response. Actually, one of the emails came back undeliverable. You would think if this dumb girl saw that the email listed for her is wrong, then she would have tried to contact us first. No, that would require brain cells. But I digress...not very far. The second girl didn't respond. So yesterday, after checking my email all weekend long, I emailed the girl again, once again politely saying, "I still haven't heard from you, yada yada yada" I told her times that I could meet in the morning and in the afternoon before class, as this assignment is supposed to be done before class time today.
So today, at 10:30 in the morning I finally get a response. This is all she said:
"Hi Josh,
I work this morning until 1 and then have class at 2. I won't be able to meet this morning. Sorry. "

Can you believe the nerve??? She waits this long just to tell me she can't meet? She didn't suggest another time to meet, talking with the teacher about giving us extra time, nothing. Some peoples kids....So, I promptly emailed the TA explaining the entire situation and how I had studied on my own and that the girls "obviously had no interest in helping". Hopefully he'll just give me credit for working on my own. People at this school are unbelievable sometimes. Uggghhh

Also, I passed a guy in the hall wearing a bath robe over his clothes, and duct tape on his shoes...I just ignored him and thought, there goes another bizarre human being. Must be in the water...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Double fault, miss williams. (venus)

So Tennis is finally over and I can start getting more sleep. Serena ended up winning of course. It took less than an hour and almost became the worse loss in an Australian open final for the other girl. (6-0 6-3). I was very happy. Both the mens and womens finals were in primetime this year in Australia. However, Australia is 16 hours ahead of us so the finals started at 1:30 in the morning. Being the true fan that I am, I of course stayed up for both. The womens final went fast so I got to bed at 3 on Saturday morning. The mens final was a different story. It went on for 5 hours and I finally fell asleep after the third set. I missed the end, but it was after 4 in the morning when I went to sleep. I couldn't stay awake. Obviously you can see my devotion. I support Serena Williams more than I do Alabama football....and you've seen how much I obsess over that. So anyways, heres to another Grand Slam. Next up, the always annoying French Open. (June). Sorry if you're french, but they are so rude during that tournament. It's the only one where the people actually don't cheer for serena very much. Ughh, the french. The end.