Sunday, July 19, 2009

More to come, I promise

So I have a couple cool work stories, but I'm STILL waiting on the pictures. My co-workers are being sllllooowww about getting them to me. So I'm hoping that after this week (yes, camping till thursday....), I'll have the pictures and stories.
------------Snake pictures to come-------------

See you thursday

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Lessons from Seinfeld

Ahh yes, another life lesson I could have passed if I had just listened to Seinfeld. In a classic episode, George gets upset with Jerry when he discovers that Jerry has asked Elaine to pick up his mail while he's away from home. Jerry quickly gets George on the phone and exclaims, "George, I have a very important job for you! You have to flush my toilet twice a must exercise the gaskets George, this is very important!!"
As we were gone, i kept thinking, "maybe we should have someone flush our toilet"...but then I quickly brushed those thoughts aside. I shouldn't have.
Right when we got home I flushed the toilet, and yes, it began to leak. Water was all over the floor. The gaskets must have dried up and cracked.
Luckily, we have VERY good friends (and handy friends) who came over quickly, with supplies from Home Depot, to fix this problem. Life Savers. So, crisis avoided. Next time you go on vacation, listen to Jerry, and exercise your gaskets!. :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Week update with your host, me.

So I'm back from another camping week of work. A lot has gone on, there's so much to say. First off, I have a pretty cool story, but it involves pictures which i don't have yet so I'll just save it. Let me say this though, i haven't been able to watch any tennis all week long. So picture me, up in the mountains, texting every chance I get, "who won this match" "who's winning now". I get so anxious not knowing. The people I work with know this and they'll say, 'what's your anxiety level now?" It's kind of funny. The good news from all of this?....
Serena and Venus are playing in the Wimbledon final for the second year in a row (and 4th time in a wimbledon final). This year, I'm hoping that serena wins, but if venus wins, that's good too. And don't worry, even though we're going to Phoenix tomorrow, I'll still be watching down there.
Work was definitely hard this week. Two days in a row we had 98 degree weather (you read that right) with no cloud cover. It felt like we were literally cooking ourselves. Also, the bugs at our camp site were out of control. I have over 40 bites on one leg alone. Everyone yells at me and tells me to wear pants, but that's just not gonna happen. I get too hot and uncomfortable. Anyways, it usually takes me a day or two to get over the scratching.
In conclusion, I can't wait to go to Phoenix to play, watch tennis, see Beyonce', and relax. See you next week....