Monday, August 31, 2009

Welcome back to school

Here is a transcript from what my reality show, the juji project, would be like:

This is an actual conversation from my first day of school. I enter the office of my boss to get my school job back and this is the first thing I hear...

Boss: well you look ugly today.

Me: what??? (kind of laughing) my shirt? you don't like it?"

Boss: "the shirt, the shoes, the shorts, just the whole thing"

Me: "Ouch, my wife picked out this shirt for me, I like it"

Boss: "well, I would get rid of all of it"

Me: "thanks.....(awkward laughter)"

don't worry, i like my boss. But this is definitely typical. ahhhhh, who doesn't like going back to school.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Birfday

Yesterday was my birthday. I'm 25 now. Old
I'm pretty good at finding out things that are going on. (Example: I figured out my Christmas present from Jess last year, and It wasn't something I had asked for)
So this past week, I've been getting the impression that something was going on. I didn't know exactly what it was, but I had an idea that there was going to be a party of some sort. I thought it would be a surprise something at the brick oven. So yesterday, Jeff and Darci came over b/c they were going to go to the Brick Oven with us. Before we could go, Darci and Jess said they needed to go to Sams Club, and Jeff and I went to Gamestop to look at PS3's.
Blah blah blah, time went by.....finally Jeff and I get back to the apartment to get the girls. I walk up to the door, open it and hear: SURPRISE!!!
Literally, there were about 18 people in the apartment. All I saw were faces. I could barely recognize anyone at first, as it was very overwhelming. I was like, whoa. It was really fun, and it actually did surprise me. (although I still say that I knew something was going on)
We had brick oven pizza and had a really fun time. So thanks Jess for the party.. It was cool.

Friday, August 28, 2009

THE smell

Most people who know me will tell you I'm a little OCD. Okay, a lot OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive in case you're not getting it). It's true. Sometimes I tell Jess that I don't think she really believes me when I say it. The other day I cleaned the house and about 2 hours later I looked around and said, "this place is disgusting, I really need to clean it". Jess just looked at me and was like, "you're joking". I wasn't.
I can't explain it, but to me, the house was still just not right. That's how I explain my OCD-ness to people. If I'm obssessing about something, it's usually because it doesn't "feel right".
Here are my biggest OCD things:

1. (and this is a true #1) Touching my hair. DON'T do it. Whenever people touch my hair, I HAVE to touch it again. People think it's because I want it to look a certain's not. It just doesn't feel right when other people touch it. So yes, if you touch my hair, you'll see me touch it right away, sometimes not even knowing that I'm doing it.
2. Cleanliness. Nothing is ever clean enough for me. I've learned to get over this a little bit (b/c of living with roommates, and a beautiful wife). You should see my febreeze collection.
3. Being on time/first. I get that OCD anxiety everytime I'm not first at something or on time to things.

This list could go on longer, but I'll stop here. And now for the reason of this post. For some reason, the closet that our garbage can is in smells disgusting! Gross, nasty, sick....It's not the garbage, it's the closet. Jess cleaned the entire thing out yesterday, wiped down the walls with clorox wipes, cleaned the carpet, cleaned the garbage can, and it still kind of smells. I'm just putting this out there, b/c it embarrasses me everytime someone opens that door to throw something away. (thus making my OCD worse, b/c I don't want people to thing I'm dirty....b/c I AM NOT) I'm thinking of putting an air freshener in there.
Anyways, this was a lot of rambling, but there you go. The end.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

A glimpse into Provo...

More proof that Provo is filled with....different.....people:

Top Netflix favorites for Provo, UT:

Sense and Sensibility
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Pride and Predudice
Brian Regan stand up comedy

I need to comment, it's freakish. What is wrong with these people? hahaha

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


...I forget to remember that my vision isn't as good as other people, and before I know it, I'm walking down the grocery store isle staring at people, thinking that they can't see me, just because I can't see them. Awkward

...I think I'm funny....Other times, I'm sure of it.

...I can't understand why people Looooove The Office, and not 30 Rock. I don't get it. Actually, I do. [Insert rude joke about society]

Annnnndd star wipe--------

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Double trouble

This past week was a little stressful. I survived. The problem started on wednesday when I got a call from a co-worker just as I got to work. (she was about to walk up to school)
Co-worker: you drive a black CRV right?
Me: Yes
Co-worker: well i think you're getting a ticket.

Yeah....apparently my registration had expired....since January!!
Let me just say this though: nobody has noticed. Nobody. I never got a reminder card, I got towed and the tow guy didn't notice, and I took the car in 3 times to Jiffy Lube and they never noticed!! How can they blame me for not remembering???
By the time I got to my car after work, I had 2 tickets on my car for this same problem. Here's the kicker: randomly my car got a chip in the winshield this summer, which has turned into a huge crack. That means it wouldn't have passed safety and emissions. See the issue?
Thankfully, I have great parents (especially bear, who can take care of anything car related), and we got everything fixed on friday. New winshield, safety and emissions, and new registration. Pheww.

Side note: We recently got Netflix, and I am addicted. It's great---and cheap.
I've been watching episodes of 30 Rock online. It's really cool.
Also, check out the review blog and go see District was awesome. The end.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Holy Rattlesnake.... exact words when I walked out of my tent and almost stepped into this guy:...

He was giant!

We also practiced some gymnastics while camping:

And Austin and I had a work out session that nearly killed me:
These pics are from last month. New camping pictures coming soon.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Still no pictures

My summer job has been very eventful this year...unfortunately the pictures that show all of these interesting things are still unavailable to me. For now, here's a list of many of the things I've been doing:

-Camping for 4 weeks
-Stepped over 4 rattlesnakes
-Horseback riding
-Rope swinging into a pond
-Swam across an entire lake (almost killed myself in the process)
-Hiked over countless acres of hills
-Fell 3 times completely to the ground in front of co-workers. Embarrassing...
-Archery tournaments
-Races in the mountains

There will be pictures of a lot of this, but I have no idea when those will come. In other news, I need to start eating better again. For a couple months, I was doing really good. I was even exercising daily. But, since we started camping, I've gotten off my routine. To make things worse, i've been supplied with easy cheese, slim jims, and fruit snacks while camping. (all provided for free) It's time to cut out all the crap again, and start eating better. ANNND, the exercise has to start again too. Here's to this fall....