Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thoughts of the day

According to a story on, bad driving is now an "epidemic" in the U.S. I'm almost positive that most of these bad driving cases came straight out of Provo, UT. Just on the way home from school today, 2 different cars pulled right out in front of me while I was driving. I had to slam on my brakes and honk at the second one. Of course, the morons driving just give that blank stare as if they'd done nothing wrong. Mind you, I don't live very far from school. It's not like there was much time for people to even be able to pull out in front of me. People are just terrible drivers in Utah. The end.

On a Kanye West note: how could he be so mean to Taylor Swift? She is just a young, 19 year old girl. She didn't know, that when you are in New York, and a black man approaches you, you quickly divert your eyes and move to the other side of the stage. Then you shout, MY AWARD, MY CHOICE!!!
...hahahaha, I love chelsea handler. (which is where that came from)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Whoops again

Last night we had dinner at my parents house to celebrate a few family birthdays. It was a lot of fun. I love playing with all my nieces and nephews. (Especially since littly Lily has stopped thinking I'm an alien creature out to kill her). She actually likes to play with me now and lets me hold her.....a big improvement from a few months ago, when just me looking at her caused her to cry.
Anyways, we were around the table discussing Ellen Degeneres as the new host of American Idol. So mom starts talking about the old Ellen show, and how it was such a big deal when she came out on national t.v....which it was at the time. I said, "yeah, but you know, everyone already knew she was gay. I mean, she always would wear those button up denim shirts, you know the kind...."
Just then, I look over at my mom in one of those slow motion moments where you realize wow, i just opened my big mouth....yeah, she was wearing a button up demin shirt. We all died laughing. It was extremely funny, and 100% not planned. I felt bad b/c I wasn't trying to say that everyone who wears those shirts is gay. Certainly not....that's just how I remember Ellen from that show. It was a funny reference. Plus, mom looked very young and hip in her shirt. :)
Annnnyways, it was quite the funny moment. Then again, I'm always funny, remember?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Note

I don't mind blog stalkers...but listen up. DO NOT comment on my blog if I do not know you. Especially if you are a Boise State Fan. I either don't know you, or I don't want to know you. Don't be deranged and comment on my blog. Get a job. (Although I know my life is much better than yours.)

PS: I HATE BOISE STATE. Your field is disgusting, nobody else in the country likes you, and you are just jealous that you couldn't get into a better school.

Football thoughts of the week

Okay, okay, I have to say something. Now, this only applies to this weeks situation, so I reserve the right to change my opinion about this later. But for now, here goes. my problem with non-BCS teams.

Boise state....where do I begin. Boise state does not belong in the top 5. They only made it there because other teams lost. So what, if the top 4 teams lose in the next two weeks, should Boise State be #1????? Let's say Florida loses to Georgia this year. (everyone else staying the same just for this scenario). That would probably knock Florida down to around 8-10. The problem is, Boise state doesn't play anyone as good as Georgia this year. How would it be fair to put them above Florida, who IS playing much harder teams than even Georgia this year? (Yes yes, I know some might argue that Oregon could be considered good, or that Georgia isn't that good, but that's beside the point).

I suppose this rant is just the same as it is every year. If you don't play anyone good, week after week, then you shouldn't move up in the rankings so much. Because now there could be problems. Alabama has a string of difficult games ahead of them....including a potential run in with Florida in the SEC Championship again. Boise State does not. See what I mean? How good is it to go undefeated if you don't play anyone tough?

Lastly, here is something you never see on my blog: Kudos to BYU this season. I don't know their reasonings for scheduling the games they did this year, but at least they scheduled some difficult non-conference games to make up for the rest of the games in their notoriously weak conference. (Again, it's up for discussion as to how good Oklahoma, Tulane, and Fl. State are). But still, that's exactly what the non BCS schools should be doing. THAT....would earn respect from all the other schools. When the hardest team left on your schedule is Hawaii (cough cough Boise state), then you won't get any credit from me.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

How old am I?

Let me just say this, there are some weird people at BYU. I can't tell you how many people just stare at me when I'm walking down the sidewalk. It's so bizarre. Then there are those people who ask so many obnoxious questions in class. One of those people is in my evening class. He's known in our major as the annoying guy who never shuts up. Picture this: in class, he's usually bare foot, or wearing those gross sandals that have all the straps all over them. He's got that awful Hoover High School hair cut- the one where if you want to get it out of your eyes, you don't actually touch it, you just flip your head back until the hair goes just above your eyes. Ughhh, he's soooo annoying.
Anyways, back to the class. I have this teacher who of thinks he's smarter than he really is. (you've heard about him on Jess's blog) For some reason, he seems to think we're all really young children. For example: one time he literally says a joke from Seinfeld and then goes, "do you guys even know the show Seinfeld, it was really popular in the 90's".

Hello???? I'm 25!

And who does he think he's talking to? I was raised on Seinfeld, I own all the DVD's. I know each episode front to back, and can absolutely remember it better than he ever wishes he could. Then today, he mentions Gene Simmons and says, " Oh, do you guys even know who that is?" Seriously? I'm not 5 years old. Yes, I know who he is. For some reason, i think this teacher believes we were all born in 1995, and have been sleeping under some sort of television/music rock. It's.....kind of out of control. Okay, that's my rant for now.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nothing new

This past weekend was a good one for football. Alabama won easily and are now 3rd in the polls. USC made it's yearly bumble and are out of the top 10, and thanks to BYU, I don't have to deal with Oklahoma. The SEC has 4 teams in the top 7. That's pretty impressive right? I mean sure, it won't last, but for now... it's a good thing. Couldn't be better. This is where our hard games begin though. Now that football season is going well, it's time to name some of the other best things of fall:

1. Cooler weather. I'm sick of it being so hot all the time.
2. Thanksgiving and Christmas.
3. Kathy Griffin coming to SLC in November
4. T.V. shows are all new

Speaking of Kathy Griffin, if you haven't read her book should. She's funny. She's allllmost as funny as me. But then again, no one is quite that funny.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Are you tidding me?...

I've been silent for the past couple days, but now I'm speaking out. Yes, this is about the Serena issue.

If you're living in the dark ages and you haven't heard: Serena was playing in the semi-finals of the U.S. Open, serving to stay in the match. On a second serve at 15-30, a lineswoman called a foot fault resulting in a double fault. (a foot fault is one of the silliest calls in tennis) This gave Clijsters 2 match points, so obviously serena was angry. She walked over to the lineswoman and began yelling at her. This resulted in her getting a point penalty. (if you get into trouble twice in a match you lose a point. She had been warned earlier for breaking her racquet) The penalty point came on match point, so she lost the match because of this incident.

This thing has gotten blown WAY out of proportion. First off, it's irritating that she lost to kim clijsters in the first place. She had been playing so well the whole tournament, and that went out the door as soon as the match started. As for the "unsportsmanlike conduct"....that was bologna.
1. Who calls a foot fault on such a critical point? Who!!??? (turns out the lineswoman was wrong...there was no foot fault) NOBODY seems to even care about that.
2. So she yelled a little couldn't even hear her. Players yell at the line people all the time and nothing happens to them. CBS had to slow it down and replay it over and over again until we finally got what she was saying from reading her lips. So why blame her?
3. To me, it just didn't warrant a point penalty.
So now the issue is over.....NOT. Now, reporters are going on and on about this "controversial" match. Where is the controversy? It's not like Serena was winning. It was just a bad point. Everyone is going on and on about how awful it was. No....the tv people made it awful. That's what happens to celebrities. Who hasn't wanted to shove a ball down someones throat? (which is one of the things Serena said to the woman.) I can think of a few right now. (be warned everyone). :)
The point is, everyone needs to move on. Today after Serena and Venus won the doubles title, the crowd started booing this reported who just wouldn't drop the issue. Venus leaned over and said, "i think they want you to MOVE ON". Then they all cheered.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Official Book Club Selection

I'm reading. Yes, it's true. Jess used her papparazzi skills and snapped a shot of me last night. As many of you know, I don't care for books. The last book I think i voluntarily read, for fun, was "The Lost World" when i was in 8th grade. But, when some of my favorite people write books, I read them. So yesterday we went and got Kathy Griffin and Serena Williams new books. Both are autobiographies. Kathy's book is called "Official Book Club Selection: A memoire according to Kathy Griffin." She called it this b/c she wants it to become the newest book on Oprahs bookclub. I'm halfway through Kathy's and it is very funny. So there you have it. I'm reading. And speaking of Serena, she is now in the semi finals at the U.S. Open. It's been a great 2 weeks for her so far.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall [Sports] is in the air

I love the fall season, b/c that's when college football starts. And, I get 2 weeks of tennis during the U.S. Open. Serena is in the 4th round and Venus will be playing tonight to get there too. And of course, Alabama plays their opening game on saturday. Can't beat that.