Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Hills...Adjacent feat Kathy and Maggie Griffin, and Lauren Conrad

Kathy Griffin finally makes it on the Hills

Welcome to Subway ... by GloZell

One of my favorite comedians. This is how I feel about Subway.

My Phil-tropy

Oookay. This morning, I went into work early b/c many of us today decided to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity later on in the afternoon. I wanted to get as many hours of work in as I could, so I went in at 7:30. Nothing too special, except this old lady told me over the phone that we were worse than Hitler, and that we needed to stop harassing her. See, my job is still exciting. Anyways, after dealing with that one, It was time to go help build this house.

So when they asked some of us to volunteer, I wasn't so sure about doing it. I've heard about doing things for.... "charity".....but I didn't know how it would go. I mean, I figured it couldn't hurt to..."help"....people. <-------did those jokes translate in writing? B/c when I say it out loud it's realllly funny.
Anyways, a few of us got to go help build a house. Think me, building a house. Is that not another episode for my reality show??? I'll have to say, I did a really good job. Mostly I just dug the trenches for the sprinkler system, but I worked hard. And it was HOTTTTT. We worked from 12-4 and then I decided to go home. We could have gone back to work, but we were all gross and didn't feel like it.
After I took a shower, I was starving. What's new? So I decided to head off to Subway.
Okkkaayy, I love subway sandwiches. But sometimes the people who work there are a little sketchy sketch. There were two girls working there. One started to make my sandwich and the other stood there and got ready to add the vegetables. (which of course there would be none added). BUT, while the girl stood there, she was resting her hands on the sandwhich making board. One hand on the board, and the OTHER......resting on the board with her FINGERS INSIDE THE GARBAGE HOLE. Inside that little cut out area where they discard old food and crap. My inner monologue was saying, "Nooo, I'm gonna need you to take off the garbage gloves before you touch my sandwich". She didn't. And yes, she touched my sandwich. I was hungry enough to get over it, but that ain't right.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This morning most of you know, Jess is camping this week. This morning started out like any other week day when she's gone. I got up, ate breakfast, got everything I needed for work and headed out the door. That's where the trouble started.

The SECOND I shut the door behind me I realized something.....I forgot my keys. Ummmm, yeah.
This has only happened one other time, and Jess was home that day, so I just called her and she woke up and opened the door for me. Today, I just panicked. I'm thinking, how in the world am I going to get back inside, get my keys, and make it to work on time. I HATE being late to anything, so I was so mad that I pulled such a boneheaded move.
So first, I tried to use an old subway card to open the door. We've tried this many times when we've been locked out. It just doesn't work. Our apartment is kind of old, but it's like Fort Knox. Seriously, you can't break in. I even went across the street to the people who used to have a key to our apartment, but they didn't answer the door. Next, i tried the sliding glass door. Of course, locked. At this point I started really panicking. I went down to the basement area and started looking for things that i could use to get up to our side window. I found an old ladder and brought it out to the driveway. Did I mention that the driveway goes DOWN, so the ground is not level? Once again....yeaaahhh. So picture this, me on an old, rusty ladder that I couldn't get to open up, on an unlevel surface, trying to open our window. I managed to pry the screen off, but the window wouldn't budge. i'm sure the neighbors got a funny view. They probably thought I was a terrible robber or something.
At this point, I got a text from Jess. Finally, some good news. Usually she doesn't have any service out there, but she randomly did. So I called her back and explained the problem. She gave me our landlords number so I could call him to open the door.
Remember, we have an illegal cat in our apartment, who loves to wait right at the door when you open it. So I was worried that if I called the landlord, he would open the door for me and see the cat. I risked it. I was already late for work, so I had to do something.
Luckily, he was nearby, so he drove to our place in about 10 minutes. As he walked up the driveway I reached out my hands and said, "thank you so much, I'm late for work" I pretty much grabbed the keys out of his hand before he even got close to the door. I ran up the stairs, unlocked the door and handed him the keys back as quick as I could. Once again, Luckily, he didn't try to come in.
I walked into the apartment to get my keys kitty. I walked around calling his name, but nothing. No sight of him. I know all the places he sleeps and hides, so I started checking everywhere. Nothing.
At this point I was like, am I in some sort of twilight zone? Did the cat disappear? i thought, maybe I shut him in a closet or under the sink on accident. I started calling out that I had a treat. Kitty ALWAYS comes running for that. Nothing. I shook his food bag and even put some food in his dish. Nothing. That REALLY made me worry.
Finally, I looked under the bed, and wouldn't you know it, there he was...terrified. I think all the banging I had been doing on the windows and doors had really freaked him out. I had to drag him out b/c he was so scared. Anyways, I made it to work 20 minutes late, but at least I made it. Plus, my job is awesome now, so It didn't matter that I was late. I just made it up by taking a shorter lunch. So there you awful morning.

Friday, July 2, 2010


Sorry I never blog anymore, I just don't have the time. Wimbledon ends tomorrow and Serena is in the final, so I've been doing my best to watch the highlights after work. I actually get to watch the final tomorrow, so that's the most important part anyways.

OKAY, on to the point.
2 weeks ago I got a promotion at work. I am now an Account Monitoring Supervisor in our customer support department. There are 5 of us in the group. It has made my job sooooooo much better. Before, I had to sit there all day long on the after call after call. Rude person after rude person, billing problems, cancellation requests...eckkk.
Now, I'm not on the phone nearly as much. I don't take any inbound calls, I just make outbound calls when necessary. Our job as Account Monitoring Supervisors involves doing a lot of researching on our customers accounts. We deal with bankruptcies, forgeries, false alarm fee disputes, and special cancellations among other things. (special cancellations involve moves to assisted living facilities, military, death, etc) For example, a customer will call in to a rep and say, "i'm moving to an assisted living facility so I want to cancel my alarm system agreement" That rep will instruct the customer to send in certain kinds of documents for us to review, and then email my group.
Once we receive the documents, I will call the assisted living facility and verify that the customer in fact lives there (and verify that it is an assisted living facility and not just a retirement home....that doesn't count). Once I make sure of that, I send it to be canceled.
Hopefully that gives you an idea of what I do. Plus, I get to do a lot of investigating about false alarm disputes. If a customer gets billed by their police department for a false alarm and they want to say it's our fault, I get to look into it and decide.
Sooooo, that's it. It's great, I don't have to sit all day long and talk. Me= Happy.