Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a trip

Las Vegas was so much fun. Here's a few more pictures from the trip. Let me just say this, Kathy Griffin was hilarious...not just kind of funny, but really funny. Like, I think i peed a little bit just watching her. It made the trip worth it on it's own. But then again, meeting John Wayne again didn't hurt either.
Not Serena Williams
The Bellagio
Inside the Wynn
The Wynn- where we had dinner one night

Friday, July 18, 2008

ChaCha Las Vegas!

Well, we're leaving today for Las Vegas....we are so excited it's sickening. We'll be staying at a nice hotel, and tonight, we'll be watching our favorite comedian, Kathy Griffin. (Also, I'll be quizing everyone on their plants on the way down) muah ha ha.
Also, yay for Ryan getting the job...we all thought you would. And last but not least, everyone needs to check out ChaCha! Jeff and Darci showed it to me the other day. Basically you can ask ANY question you want to know, and text it to chacha (242242). A real person will answer you back pretty quickly. Here are a few examples of things I asked that they answered...I was trying to test them:
-How old is Judge Judy?
-Who is a better tennis player: Serena or Venus?
-What color hair does Lindsay Lohan have right now?
-What years did Bobby Mikel play for Alabama football?
They answered all of those questions correctly. I literally use it all day long now. You can find out's amazing. Anyways, time to pack b/c we're leaving in an hour or so. Byyyyeee