Wednesday, April 28, 2010

yeah, I said that.

[Real conversations I've had on the best as I can remember]

80 yr old woman
Caller: I would like to update my emergency contact list
Me: okay, the first name on the list is dave, is that still a good contact?
Caller: No, he's deceased now.
Me: oh, I'm sorry to hear that. The next name we have is Janet.
Caller: deceased.
Me: ohhh..... awkward pause.....sounds like you've had quite a time here lately
Caller: you can say that again...
Caller: I need to have the system at our business moved to a new location.
Me: okay, is this Mrs. Corp?
Caller: Who?
Me: Mrs. Kalua Corp.
Caller: My name is tammy. I work for Kalua Corporation.
Me: ohhhhhh.....yikes.
Outbound call
Me: Hi, may I speak with Mr. Sigler
Caller: No, he's not here.
Me: Oh, will he be back soon?
Caller: No
Me: Do I have the right number?
Caller: Mr. Sigler isn't here
Me: Can I reach him at this number?
Caller: No, you can reach him in heaven. He's been dead for 13 years.
awkward pause
Me: um, is this Sila Sigler?
Caller: Yes
Me: I'm sorry ma'am....I guess I didn't realize who I was looking for.

Yeah...I'm used to making myself look ridiculous.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I forgot

I forgot to mention that last weekend BJ came out to Utah and stayed with us for a few days. Jess and I had fun playing with him. You should have seen us cleaning up at the new nickelcade. But let me say this.....arcade prizes are rip offs! Between BJ, Jess, and I, we ended up with 1500 tickets. That's a ton. And what did we get? A couple of toy guns, a slap bracelet for jess, and some candy. It's kind of out of control. Oh well. The funniest part is when you start winning tons of tickets, and then the little kids start eye-ing your machine.....I'm always thinking, "Back off"!!!!

We also went to the mall and watched lots of excellent movies. (Check out the review blog)
It was fun to have him visit. He's funny like us....learned everything from me of course. Jess probably wants him to move out here and live in the apartment above us. Ha ha ha. Okay, the end.

I love Ameri-curr

I just want to know why....people are surprised that a killer whale would kill somebody? I'm from Florida, and i've been to Sea World, Shamoo has been jackin people up for a long time!!

Ha ha ha. Okay, that was actually from a comedian named GloZell. She has hundreds of YouTube videos, and I watch them everyday. I'm kind of obsessed. But hey, she's funny like me, so it don't matta!
So it's been a while since I've posted anything.....I guess it's because I haven't had many funny stories to tell. I mean, my life is funny all the time, but I'm much funnier in person. Writing takes so much time.
Work has been same old same old. I'm a pro at telling people they can't cancel their agreements. Today, after 25 minutes on the phone with this older lady, and after telling her over and over again that she can't cancel, she finally said, "I hope you have a miserable day, and a miserable week" ha ha ha. It was kind of funny. I mean, sure I feel bad for SOME of these people, but for the most part, I don't. Actually, if they are nice, then i feel bad, otherwise, I couldn't care less.
Also, yesterday I said yes ma'am to a customer about 5 times before he finally said, "I'm a sir"....oops. hahaha. Never a dull moment I suppose.
Okay, that's all for now. Another day, another dollar.