Thursday, August 28, 2008

U.S. Open

Well, it's time for the last grand slam event of the year...The U.S. Open. So, I'll of course be watching every minute of tennis I can. Actually, I'll only be watching my favorites, but some might say even that is too much. It don't matta. If all is right with the world, Serena will win...obviously she is the best. Jackson always agrees with me. (I've trained him well) I don't even have to mention tennis, i just say, "Jackson, who's gonna win?" Instantly, or by tempting him with some kind of treat, he'll reply, "Saweena". So remember, instead of watching something boring, like, I don't know...BYU football or something, watch the U.S. Open.

Friday, August 15, 2008

IMAX bumble

Thursday night, on a whim, Jess, Jeff, Darci, Matty, Ben, Diana, and myself decided to go to the IMAX to see Batman. We drove up to Sandy in 2 cars and got to the kiosk machines. Since it was a thursday, there were plenty of seats available (it's all reserved seating). I said, the best seats are at the top center. Surprisingly enough, all the top seats were open. I was like, awesome. <---from family guy. Anyways, I said, "yeah, let's get those next to each other" So jeff and darci picked seats A19 and A20 and jess and I picked A21 and 22. A few minutes later, the others showed up and we told them to go buy their seats. Tuurrrnsss out, we had accidentaly picked front row seats. Apparently the top of the kiosk screen is the very front of the theater.......yeah. So then we had to try and space out the others so we could all fit in between them. We went into the theater and began the awkward waiting stage. Everytime people came up the stairs we were like, "oh great, these are their seats". It was so nerve wracking and put us on edge. Ha ha ha. Luckily, nobody came to the seats we were in. So we were able to enjoy the wonderfully violent, disturbing, and funny joker without a bother. :) The end.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Why so serious...?

So everyone knows I love movies, especially thrillers and scary movies. I usually don't like the big blockbuster action types, b/c they are usually well, awful...Bad acting, corny dialogue, plotholes, non-sensical stories, zero character development-I could go on and on. BUT, you have got to go and see Batman: the dark knight. It is sooo good, which is surprising b/c everybody I've talked to has like it. And, everyone keeps talking about how good heath ledger is as the joker....let me tell you, they are all right. This movie is great. Usually, everyone loves these blockbusters and they are truly awful movies. Here are a few offenders and some (only some, i could go on and on about them) of their problems....brace yourselves:
#1 Pirates of the Carribean- Plot holes beyond plot holes...terrible. Just try and defend it without using the name Johnny Depp in the sentence.
#2 Spiderman- Unrealistic character actions
#3 The new Star Wars movies- Have you listened to the dialogue? yuck. aaand star wipe!
#4 Transformers-So long and boring. Who is going to win a fight between a truck and a plane? Oh wait, I meant to say who cares?
#5 Fantastic 4- Starring Jessica Alba...need I say more?
There are more examples but these are some of the worst. Now, some might say, "well at least I'm being entertained" No no no, don't cheat yourselves people. That just devalues everything in life. It's like going to a restaurant and eating disgusting, awful food and then saying, "well at least I got to eat" Just wouldn't happen, you would never go again. So be happy that Batman is out, and go see it, b/c it really is a quality movie. The end.