Sunday, May 31, 2009

The French Open...and you thought I forgot.

Today starts week 2 of the French Open, one of the 4 Grand Slams of the year. If you will remember, Serena won the Australian Open earlier in the year. She plays tomorrow in her 4th round match. Hopefully I'm not jinxing her by posting this. The biggest news is that Nadal lost today!!! He's never lost a match at the French Open in the 4 years he's played in it. Finally, Federer has a chance to win. This could turn out very exciting. Too bad I'm at work all day so I never get to see any matches.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I work hard for the money

Work has been going well the past week. It's been really nice to be able to come home everynight. On thursday we're having a "career enhancement day". Basically it's a day where we get paid but we don't really work. For this months day we're going to the migratory bird refuge in Brigham City. Yeah, birds....boring, BUT, we're gonna go out to eat while we're up there, so i'm like yeaaahhhh!!!!

So, things I like about my job:
Being outside all day
Looking at cool plants
Free tanning
Being a supervisor
Being awesome...duh, it's me

Things I don't like:
Black widows
Snakes of any kind
Annoying people

Finally, did anyone else watch the "to catch a predator" marathon last sunday? I did....and it was awesome. Cause you know, if I'm watching one, we're watching them all. Oh herb....
The End

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pleva....part II

So here's the deal...
I never get sick...I pride myself in never getting sick. However, this week has not been good. The entire week I've just felt wierd. Headaches, weakness, aches, hot/cold flashes...just overall tiredness. Coming home from a long day of work and experiencing those symptoms has not been fun. I really didn't know what it was, but i'm feeling better now. Then a few days ago I got these two sores on my inner lip. So that has been a pain. But now to what this blog is really about...(besides the fact that my body is apparently falling apart)

2 days ago I noticed these red dots on my chest. Today, it's pretty much all over my chest and a little on my stomach. Jess thought that I should go to the doctor, which I obviously didn't want to do. Most of you will remember my 2 year ordeal with a rare skin disease called Pleva several years ago. B/c of that time, i was dreading going to see a doctor for this. Multiple dermatologists couldn't even diagnose pleva, and the regular doctors had no clue, so why should this time be any different. So tonight, we went to urgent care, they took my blood pressure (perfect as usual), and I went in to see the doctor. After looking at me for a few seconds (hopefully you can tell how skeptical i am of his diagnosis), he told me what he thinks it is. He said it's Pityriasis rosea. Oh, did i mention that the first word in Pleva is Pityriasis?.......yeaaaaahhhhhh.
He goes, "do you know what causes it"....i didn't even have to wait for an answer. I rolled my eyes and said "nobody knows right?" Of course. Just like Pleva, this condition has no known cause, or cure. It just goes away on it's own in 6-12 weeks. If you click on the Pityriasis rosea link, you'll notice that although it hasn't been proven, many people who get this experience aches and weakness just before they get the rash. Hmmmmm....remember how this whole past week I've felt weak and achy? Perhaps this is the reason why. I don't know. So, if this is even what it is (which I really don't know) I just have to wait it out. I'm so sick of getting these bizarre problems. Why can't I just get a normal disease? I'm so healthy, but when I do get something, my body likes to make it a challenge.
I always say that when I die, it's going to be from some new disease that they name after me.
I HATE SKIN PROBLEMS. Nobody ever knows how to fix them. So for now, I'm just angry that I have to deal with this again. Hopefully, it's just some small problem that will go away quickly. That's all for now.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

this and that

So now that i finished my second week of work....i should probably get around to writing about it. Work has been good, but this week i have been feeling awful. I feel okay when i'm actually at work, but when i get home, it feels like i've been punched in the face. The only thing i can think of is dehydration, but i've been drinking lots of water so who knows. Work has been fun. It is a lot like last year. We won't be camping until june so it's nice to come home everyday. Plus, i only work monday through thursday. I am the supervisor, along with another guy, which is cool. We get paid more, and we're in charge when our boss is gone.
Well, i have a headache now and i'm trying to watch the season finale of the office and 30 Rock....sooo, that's all for now.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

1st week of work

It's late and I'm too tired to write now, but maybe tomorrow i'll let you know how my first week of work went...

Sunday, May 3, 2009

1 Year

Happy 1 Year Anniversary Jess

May 3, 2008