Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ughhh, the drama...

I HATE group projects...have I mentioned that before? Haha, of course I have. Well here's the story. So remember a few blogs ago where I mentioned the girl who never helps out in our group? Last week we turned in our group project which I worked really hard on. (actually so did jess and she's not even in the class....that's not the point). Everyone in the group contributed except for this girl. She literally did nothing but help with the group edit. She never volunteered for anything, she never did anything on her own, nothing. So when It came time for the confidential group evaluations I marked her as "unacceptable" on several categories including "quality of work". I mean, how could I give her a good evaluation when she didn't do anything?
So this morning I get an email from my teacher. It was sent to all of the group members except for the girl. Basically it said that several of us had given her "unacceptable" ratings and that she wanted to know if she should alter the girls grade b/c of it, and exactly why we gave her those ratings.
So I wrote the teacher and explained that while i felt bad for giving her those ratings, that's what I felt she deserved b/c she really hadn't done anything. No harm, thought it was over.....
it wasn't.
I get home from work today and guess who i have an email from?? Yep, the girl in our group. Awesome....
She basically emailed all of us and told us that she had been informed that several people in the group had given her bad ratings and she wanted to know why blah blah blah. I couldn't believe it. Couldn't the teacher wait to tell her until much later if even at all. Or couldn't she tell us that we needed to tell the girl ourselves? Please someone tell me the meaning of "confidential" evaluations if you don't keep it confidential??? I mean good grief, if i had known she would have found out what we gave her I would have never rated her poorly in the first place. It is such an awkward situation. Even though she bugs me I've always been nice to this she's gonna think, wow what a jerk. Now I have to go to class tomorrow and sit next to her. Annnd, we have 1 more group project to do. Why why why. I hate it when things like this happen. Why have confidential evaluations if you just go and tell the people what they got rated??? Arrrrrrhhrhrhhhrhhrhrh

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Our day at the surgery center

We just got back from Jess' procedure at the surgery center and I've got an update. First off, Jess was extremely sweet and funny when she was waking up from the medicine. When I got to the recovery room she was still out of it and she was hiccupping (sp?) a lot. The nurse said people usually hiccup a lot, or cry for no reason. So it was a good thing she was just hiccupping. She finally opened her eyes after a few minutes and said, "is it over". The next 15 minutes or so involved her opening her eyes, asking questions, and then asking the same questions minutes later, as if she had never asked them before. It was reaaaallly funny and adorable. So our conversations went like this:

Jess: what did they find out?
Me: well, blah blah blah...explain the whole thing.
10 seconds later, jess looks over again
Jess: what did they find out?
Me (smiling): well, blah blah blah...explain entire thing again.
10 seconds later, jess looks over again
Jess: what did they see?
Me (trying not to laugh): well, blah blah blah, tell everything again.

Once I thought she was really awake enough I decided to quiz her. She said she was aware of things but she still seemed loopy.

Me: what is one of your dogs name?
Jess: we don't have a dog.
Me: your dogs at home.
Jess: emma....
Me: and the other one?
Me: who's your favorite person on the Bad Girls Club?
Jess: (eyes closed again at this point)......amber....
Me: yep, you're awake.

Honestly, it was funny and sweet. Then, every 5 minutes or so her automatic blood pressure machine thing would go off and it would scare her everytime. She would get this frantic look on her face, look down at her arm, and I would have to say, "it's just taking your blood pressure". Then she would be fine. I liked being there taking care of her. She wasn't grumpy at all, the perfect patient.
Sooooo, the Dr. did not find any ulcers. Jess has gastritis and is not allowed to take any ibuprofin until this is gone. I read online that caffeine can cause problems too so I'm cutting her off the Mt. Dew. (you can imagine which one she's more upset about). They took a biopsy of her small intestine to see if there is anything else going on. We'll know by next week. Now she's just resting on the couch. :) The End

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Jesssss

"Happy Birthday Jess!!!! Don't forget to smile with your eyes all day long. Also, if you need a ride today I can pick you up in my tut-tut, hut-hut...hooptie. Anyways, stay fierce and always remember how important I am."

Yes, I moved my Judge Judy post down so Tyra could say happy birthday....that's true love. :)
Happy Birthday love,

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Finally, my big news!!!

I know you've all been waiting in anticipation for this important post that I've been promising. Don't worry, you will not be disappointed. This is quite possibly the most important blog anyone has ever written. Today, it finally came in the autographed Judge Judy picture. As you may or may not know, I've been watching Judge Judy since I was younger. It's one of my favorite shows. On occasion I'll email the show, just to say what I think of it (and to try and get free tickets). Usually I get no response. The past couple times I actually did get a response from the staff. It was just a standard "thank you for emailing us" response. Then, a week or two ago I got a different email back. They said the usual thank you, but then said, If you send us your address we'll send you an autographed picture! So that's what i've been waiting so patiently (or not) for. The big question was, "is it going to actually be signed by Judge Judy, or will it be some standard signature that they have reprinted over and over. is the answer:

Note: these were taken on my phone camera b/c jess's camera dies the minute you turn it on. So hopefully the quality is good enough.

Here is the envelope it came in...very official.

The whole picture is bigger than this....this is the closeup on the actual writing. Yes, it is her real signature. If you can't read it, it says: "Josh, my best, Judge Judy"


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who likes group projects?...

So my big story hasn't happened this is not it. No, this is about my english class again. Once again, we're doing another group project and I have the same group members. Some of them are helpful, but so many just don't seem to care. Last time we did a project there were a few problems. There is this girl in our group, she's young and very immature. (and not the funny kind of, the annoying, shouldn't be allowed to live on their own kind of immature). She thinks she's so important and special though, as if she is the only person in the world who matters. Everything is about her and it drives me nuts. For our last project, we were supposed to print our finished projects in color. She came in the day before it was due with a black and white, jank looking finished project. Her response when we questioned why it wasn't in color? "I didn't have a color printer". I couldn't believe the nerve. This girl just thinks the world must revolve around her, and doesn't care about all the work we had put into the project FOR HER and her grade! This is a classic case of people thinking they are the boss of the world. Anyways, life lesson: don't be grateful for the things people do for you, and don't expect everyone to cater to your every need. I can't stand spoiled brats. I'm sure y'all can relate...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wait a minute

I should have a good story coming ready. Actually, you probably won't care too much but I needed a new post.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Speaking of sleeping

Everynight tiddy sleeps next to me. Like right next to me, cuddled up. It's funny. Yes, he loves Jess a lot, but for some reason (we all know the reason), he sleeps right up next to me. Sometimes this causes problems.

1. There is always a risk that I could roll over on him. (it has happened)
2. In the middle of the night I can't tell if it's him next to me, or jess' arm under the sheets.

Every morning I have to get up around 5 or so and feed him. He sits on my chest and meows quietly until I wake up. Then he eats and gets back in bed. Well this morning my alarm went off and as I sometimes do, I held it in my hand, pushed the snooze, and kept sleeping. I held it in my hand so that when the alarm kept going off i could silence it quickly. So in one hand I've got my alarm, and my other hand is on the cat, who is back laying beside me.
All of a sudden, my snooze alarm started going off. Obviously I was a litle tired and out of it still b/c i woke up and instead of squeezing the snooze button i was squeezing the cats head. It was kind of funny. He didn't seem to mind. Also, the other day I woke up in the middle of the night and for no reason at all, i was pinching the cat. Wierd huh?....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The funniest part...

of sunny throwing up all over our carpet?...Jackson being two feet away playing playstation not even realizing it had happened. After she was moved and threw up again in the kitchen, jackson finally walked over and said, "whats wrong with sunny?" It was funny.