Sunday, September 26, 2010

Things I can't wait for.....results

5. Didn't get the promotion at work....don't EVEN get me started. Jess will probably kill me with all the venting I've been doing. But seriously, if you heard the story, you would be angry too. Let just say, it makes NO SENSE as to why I didn't get it. Also, my new supervisor looks like like a dirty raccoon. She needs help.

4. Dinner was delicious.....Jess knows exactly what I like to eat. (It's not hard....just think of what a kid would like and voila!

3. Alabama had the comeback game of the was awesome. (4-0)

2. Taking antibiotics for whatever "infection" I may or may not have. I have to take these things for 21 days, twice a day. I hate medication.

1. I still can't wait for Disneyland!!!! (I may or may not have already gone to the Disney Website and planned out every ride I want to go on)


Emily said...

i agree with every single thing you said in #5.

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